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About SavageSun 4x4


Me and the 'Cowboy'

Welcome to my site.  It is my goal to present tips, tricks, installs, product reviews, general thoughts on off roading in hopes that you, the viewer will gain from my 40 years of Jeeping.

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I ordered my Rubicon in July of '02 and took delivery of it on or about 4 Sept '02.  My goal in building it was to build a serious rock crawler and at the same time use it as a Daily Driver and the vehicle to take me to and from trails across the Southwest from Texas to California.  It has served me well and it is now approaching 75k miles trouble-free miles.  The following are a few things I have done to it over the years that I have owned it.

I initially turned to Diamond Off Road Customs in Haslett, Texas to start the build.   Diamond is owned by a fellow named Scott and there are few folks that can or do build a better performing Jeep.  Scott started out with a suspension and body lift, then an Avenger Supercharer along with a few other goodies. I have Scott to thank for his great work and time spent teaching me many tricks in building a rig that can run with the 'big boys'.

When I moved away from the Dallas-Ft Worth area I no longer had easy access to Scott and his abilities.  So in the second phase of my building I headed back to Texas and spent nearly 2 weeks working with and learning even more from Scott.  At the completion of phase 2 we had installed a set of Dynatrac ProRocks High Pinions axles with ARBs and 4:88 gears along with a few other goodies.

I then knew that I would either have to head back to Texas from Scottsdale AZ on a regular basis or I needed to get some tools.  So I made the investment in tools and for the past 4 years or so have been doing all my own work.  Below is the entry point for most all of the things I have done to my Rubicon, Cowboy...enjoy

My current Jeep "Cowboy" is a '03 Jeep Wrangler TJ Rubicon I ordered to do a build up on.  My objective was to build a fully street-able daily driver rig that was capable of driving to and from the trail be it local or many miles away such as Moab.

Cowboy, '03 Jeep TJ Wrangler Rubicon 75k miles:


  Jeep, 4.0L


Avenger Supercharger w/Rubicon Express throttle body


  NV 3550 5 speed - 4:1 low, B&M Shifter

Transfer case:

  NPG 241 Rock Track - 4:1 low

Front/rear axles:

Dynatrac Pro-Rock High Pinion, 60’s; 35-spline inner/outer shafts, high steer; disk brakes, 4:88, and ARB lockers

Front Suspension:

  Rancho RS9000X shocks, JKS control arms, Currie AntiRoc, Nth Degree springs, JKS custom Track Bar and mounts

Rear suspension:

  Rancho RS9000X shock, JKS control arms, Nth Degree springs, Tom Woods drive shaft, Nth Degree Tummy Tuck


  Warn PowerPlant 9k with Masterpull Superline rope and ToughStuff Products Winch Safety Thimble

Tires - Wheels:

  Goodyear MTR 37 x 12:50 x 17, Walker Evans Beadlocks


  Stretched wheelbase + 4”

Poison Sypder Tube fenders

  Upgraded cooling system

  Custom intake

Gibson cat back exhaust

  ARB compressor dedicated to ARB lockers

  Custom front bumper w/winch mounts

Diamond Off Road Custom, rear bumper and Warn-Diamond OffRoad rocker guards

Rokmen  full rear corner guards

  Monkeybars ChroMo front cage

  Jeep OEM, Willis front seating [no rear seating]

Cobra CB

  First-aid kit

  Fire extinguisher

  Warn Tow strap, tree saver

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