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Jeep TJ, JK Builds & Fabrication

As time has gone by I have found myself going back to my early days of my career.  I spent nearly 10 years as a mechanic, drag racer and machinist along with being a member of the AFL-CIO IAM (International Association of Machinists).  Over those years I worked on everything from Chevy small/big block race engines, jet engine fuel-injection systems and fabbing and setting up various race car suspension parts.

Then an unusual set of circumstances along with a GI Bill sent me to college.  The race car got put on hold and I found myself as a full time college student.  Several years later and lots of schooling found me as a Computer Systems-Integrator and Software Engineer.  I followed this for about 25 years, retired and got back to one of my earliest loves and that was Jeeping and modifying my Jeep.

Not one to sit around and watch TV all day, one thing led to another and I am now active in fabbing and modifying the Jeeps I have loved and wheeled for over 40 years.

Below are some projects for my Jeeps and my clients rigs that I have fabbed up and modified.  The list is far from being complete as working on other folks Jeeps has taken priority over working on the website.  But I will try to keep up as different projects roll in.

Have a project in mind contact me: mail to:

How much $?  When fabbing especially from scratch one never really knows.  I am fair and rarely far off my estimates.  I have references that will attest to the quality and fairness of costs of my work.  But you will be neither shocked nor dismayed.

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