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CJ/YJ/TJ Backup Lights Install

Picked up a set of Wally World driving lights.  They are small and throw out a nice clear, clean bright light.  I did not see them as driving/fog lights but rather as backup lights.  They are 55 watt Halogen  with some kind of "ion" coated lens.

Backup Light Kit

The light

Bracket mounted to lip of tub

Light installed in bracket

Lights installed and on

  The neat little kit comes complete with a wiring harness, lights, brackets, nuts, bolts, washers the whole outfit.


1)  I drilled two 7/32nds holes for the mounting bracket.  I placed mine just under the lip of the tub and centered on the left and right edges of the tailgate opening.

2)  I tapped into the OEM backup light wiring that is already there.  This is a simple 2 wire connection, black to ground and white to hot

3)  After you drill the holes, then mount the bracket to hold the lights which are adjustable to point up or down

4)  Install the lights in the bracket and adjust to point straight back or as you desire

5)  Connect the wiring by using one of the bracket bolts for ground and then tapping into the hot lead for the backup lights.


*  Philips screwdriver

*  Wire stripper/crimper

*  Electrical butt connectors x2

*  Electrical terminal with screw eye x2

Cost:  $14.95

Time:  About 1 hour

Worth it factor:

  Great value for the money and gives you the ability to really see what lies behind you.


1)  You should consider using a electrical relay on your install.  I have not installed one at this time.  Albeit the lights are not used very much and do not stay on for long when they should still be a consideration especially if you are using these with other backup lights.  I am not.

2)  I removed my rear bumper for other reasons and it is not required to be removed in order to do this install.

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