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Cab-tub divider for CJ/YJ/TJ Wrangler

Living here in the desert where the temps are mild in the winter I run sans doors and side curtains most of the time.  Especially since we only get 8.25 in of rain per year.

I added a roll cage bracer bar and wrapped it

The velcro glue did not hold to the tub

I used plastic push pins to secure

Black plastic push pins

4 per side

Driving at speeds of more than about 35 mph will bring some fumes and really hot asphalt air over the tailgate into the floor of the cockpit.  This can really cook your feet on a long drive since the hot air hits the back of the seats and just rolls under them onto the floor boards.

Earlier I had added a bracer bar to my OEM roll cage which comes right behind the back of the front seats.  This works since I don't carry passengers and do not have a back seat.

I had installed a Safari top along with the Cab divider.  But the divider fits so poorly that it accomplishes almost nothing.  There is a good 6 inch opening all the way around it.  So I tossed that and asked my wife if she could fashion up something that would go tub to bracer bar and tub wall to tub wall.

She had a left over piece of Sunbrella fabric that happened to be Red. She took a couple of measurements and in about 30 min she presented me with a great fitting divider.

It is attached to the bracer bar by rolling it completely around and velcroing it to itself.  She also put a strip of velcro on the bottom and stuck it to the foot-well of the tub.

The heat here in the desert just would not allow the glue to hold the bottom tight as it kept melting.

I stopped by ACE hardware and picked up 8 automotive black  plastic push pins that were 1/4 inch in diameter.  I then drilled 8 7/32snds holes to push the pins in so as they would hold firmly.

The result was the hot air does not roll under the seats any longer and your feet and floorboard stay a lot cooler.


  Drill w/7/32snds metal bit


  About $24 for 1 1/2 yards of Sunbrella fabric, less for other fabrics.

$3.96 for the 8 automotive plastic push pins


  About 1 hour from concept to install complete

Worth It Factor:

  For those of you who run sans doors and side curtains, live in the Southwest or other hot clime this helps to keep your feet much, much cooler.  Between this and adding foam insulation to my console and the under tub heat shield the tub is staying quite cool.

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