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Camo Head Liner for CJ/YJ/TJ Wrangler Rubicon and Unlimited

Wal Mart windshield shade on top

Part I:  I put on a BESTOP Safari Top on my rig since here in Arizona it is mild or hot and dry year round.  But the summers here in the “Valley of the Savage Sun” can be BRUTAL.  I run most of the year sans doors and since we have very low humidity that is fine, but in the heat of the summer the sun can beats down, even thru the heavy Safari top.

  I asked the wife to make a liner using some camo I picked up at the surplus store.  This is what she came up with and does it work and work well to keep your head from cooking.

  It is not neccessary that you have a front roll bar setup and you can use the sides of the OEM TJ Sport cage just as easy.  Just stretch it tight.

Get your camo here:  Vermont's Barre Army Navy


  Scissors, chalk to mark with, yardstick


  I used Army Mil-Spec camo which is 100% cotton and slightly thinner than typical jeans material.  I paid about $6 bucks  a yard and I bought 3 yards.  About 3 ' of auto grade or HD velcro, $4


  About an hour

Add-on Extra:

  On top of that [not shown] I put a reflective windshield sun barrier with the shiny side up.  This made a major difference in the amount of heat that penetrated thru the top.  Wal Mart Windshield Sun Shade about $6.

Does it work?

  Take this to the bank.  It works well regardless of the type of top you have on your Jeep, helps keep it quieter and MUCH cooler.


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