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Dana 30/35/44 rear axle pinion bearing saver install CJ/YJ/TJ/XJ

Flat T-Skid

16 degree Drive Shaft Angle

Pinion Bearing Saver Brass "Street Elbow"

Close up street elbow

There is always an angle:

Many folks run flat transfer case skids and as a result the pinion angle can get a bit high. About the max on rear pinion angle is around <17 or so degrees. I was running about 16 degrees on my D44 and rear pinion oiling was a concern. Here is a trick I used to save the critical bearing from oil starvation on my Jeeps D 44 axle:

Stop by your local Ace Hw store and pick up a ½ inch "street elbow.” You can get brass or iron but I use brass. Remove the oil fill plug and screw in the elbow with some Teflon tape wrapped on the threads.  Hand tighten, then add one more turn and insure the elbow is pointing up.

On a level surface, fill your differential to the top of the elbow with your favorite brand of axle oil. Then take the oil fill plug you removed, add a wrap or two of Teflon tape and screw into the top of the elbow.  Go wheeling and hit the highway and you are set to keep the pinion bearing running cool and healthy.

If you rig is not a DD and is a trail rig then the up-down of the trails will be more than adequate to keep the pinion bearing oiled.

  I did not have any issues with the elbow hitting my OEM tank or track bar.


1/2 drive to remove your oil fill plug

8 in open end adjustable wrench to tighten the street elbow


  About 10 min


  About $4 bucks

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