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Fuel Filter Install CJ/YJ/TJ/LJ/XJ/JK

Most of our modern Jeeps have a fuel filter built into the fuel tank and we generally think that is fine or at least I have or did up until recently.

FloMax 300


I was talking to my good friend Stu Olson and Stu mentioned to me he had just received a Ramco Performance FloMax 300 Fuel Filtration System from his friends at Ramco Performance.  Ramco asked Stu to take a look at their fuel filtration system for use on Jeeps that off road regularly.  Stu knew I had some trips coming up and asked that I that give the system a good test and report the results.

Stu and I got together for the install one Saturday afternoon.  We gathered all the pieces we needed, put it together and in about 45 minutes or so we had installed and running on my ‘ole Jeep TJ, Cowboy.

After some trips to California and Moab I cut it open and looked at the results.  You can see the complete install write up and pictures on Stu’s site:


This product warrants consideration by every Jeeper, whether a daily driver or a trail hound.  The amount of contaminates captured in such a short time was potentially enough to cause a code and a light you don’t want to see on your dashboard.  This is an inexpensive long-term insurance policy for your engine fuel systems health.

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