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Seats Riser Install Jeep CJ/YJ/TJ/JK Wrangler Rubicon 

Jeep Willys Seats

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Old seats removed

Seat Riser Kit

Seat Risers Installed

Seats w/Risers Installed

I scored a set of OEM Jeep Willys seats for my Jeep.  They are in excellent shape and I love the camo design.

While I was at it I decided to install a set of Seat Risers.  No these are not the $64 buck ones you see advertised, which after looking at them I would not dare put a set on my Jeep.  Instead these are transfer case drop spacers, made out of machined aluminum... I think they are Tera Flex; sure beats that $64 buck plastic blocks.

I stopped by my buddies 4x4 shop and wandered over to his spare and junk parts bin.  There he had a box of these drop spacers and he told me there were over 500 of them in there and to PLEASE take all I wanted.  So I grabbed 8 of them and then stopped by the local ACE Hardware and picked up some Grade 8 bolts.

They are available from Quadratec for $38.99 for a set of 6 with bolts.  StageWest4x4 sells a Tera Flex kit for about $25.


There are only 4 bolts holding in each seat and they come out with ease.  3 of them are fine thread 1/2 in and 1 is a fine thread 5/8th.

Slide seat as far back as it will go and recline seat.  Allows access to the front two bolts...remove them.

Fold seat back forward and slide seat forward.  This allows you to get at the back to bolts holding the seat in.

Remove the bolts and lift seat out.

Repeat on opposite side.

You can remove or leave the console in.  I took mine out to give a good clean to it and all the space in there and throw some foam in it.  

It is a simple remove.  2, 3/8th screws in the rear cup holders and one in the front cup holder. Then there are some screws up front for a total of about 5.  Not sure since I cut my console in half just in front of the cup holders.

Seat Risers:

Each one is 1.25 inches long and they give a very nice lift to the seat for crawling...lets you see over the hood a bit better, even if you are tall like me at 6'2".  My wife also like them since it gives her a better view also.

It is a simple as sliding them under the seats when you go to install. You will need to stop off at ACE and pick up some 2 in long bolts to compensate.


3/8th socket

5/8th socket

1/2 in socket


You can install the seat risers in about 15 min for both sides


The spacers cost nothing other than owing my buddy a beer, the bolts were $2.50 for a savings of over $60 bucks on the e bay plastic risers.

Worth it Factor:

Gives  you a much better view rock crawling or just running down the street checking out the BMW drivers...

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