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Jumper-Battery cables: U can build

Slip the cable thru the 500 Amp clamp

Slip on the heat shrink tubing

Measure using the copper clamp contact

Cut at the proper point & remove the insulation

Clamp, Solder & add the heat shrink tubing

Your set of jumper cables

Cut you cabling to length

x;">Making your own Jumper-battery Cables is not difficult as long as you have the materials and a few basic tools.



*  Vice

*  Knife

*  Large pilers

*  Propane torch

*  Heat gun

*  Cable cutters or sharp knife



*  1 ga welding wire which is good for 600 amps, very flexible (more than auto grade wire and carries more amps/volts.  1 ga is more than most folks will ever need yet no where as expensive as 00-06 ga automotive cable.

*  500 Amp vinyl coated clamps

*  Electrical solder and flux

*  Lock-Tite

*  Heat shrink tubing


The Build:

Layout your cable full length on a flat surface to get the twist out of it and insure you are getting the exact length you need.

Since I use welding cable its easy to cut, but a small pair of cable cutters that will cut up to about 3/4 cable will work fine and be inexpensive.

Insert one end of the cable into the handle of the clamp, then add you precut piece of heat shrink tubing.  Using the clamp copper connector and cable measure to see how deep you need to insert the cable.


Cut off the rubber insulator, insert into the copper clamp and crimp.  Then solder it in place.

Now add you heat shrink tubing and heat to get a good firm bond.

For Battery cables you will want some heavy duty battery connectors for the positive and negative battery posts



The clamps I am using are spring loaded and use the base of the spring to hold the cable in the handle.  I take a small piece of of heat shrink and place it between the cable and the spring to keep down wear on the outer cable insulator skin.

Put Lock-Tite on the screw that holds the copper jaws in the clamp.

Do that for each end and you have a set of really high quality jumper cables that will most likely last a life time.

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