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Cooler floorboards and Console Jeep CJ/YJ/TJ/JK Wrangler 

Cut out

Automotive Goop

Installing in tunnel


Foam $4 @ Home Depot

Bottom of console

Foamed in

Level off foam and reinstall

I pulled out the cheap OEM carpet in my rig and had the inside LineX’d.  A great move, but it does add a bit of heat to the floorboard especially here in Arizona.

While walking thru the automotive section of Wal Mart one afternoon I spied some of the reflective sun windshields on sale for $5.98.  I thought it may work to keep my feet cooler.


  Create a template using a stiff paper to fit between and over the transmission and cat if you have one there.  After you have it the way you want then cut your reflector based upon your template results.

  Add some dabs of Goop about the size of a quarter towards the edges, especially the front and sides.

  Carefully slide the reflector in and then push the reflector against the tunnel/floorboard.

  Let set over nite and enjoy.

Tools needed:

  Tube of automotive Goop

  Piece of poster board weight paper for making a template

  Sharp scissors


  Give yourself about an hour.


  Varies but about $15 for the windshield reflector and a tube of Goop


  It has been in for about 24+ months and works great, has never came loose nor melted, even the portion over the cat.

Kooler Konsole:

  On trail runs and just driving around town the cup holders in the console get so hot they will heat coffee.  Just the thing you need when its over 110 degree outside...which by the way, we have had 32 days this year of temps over 110.

While I had the seats out I decided to foam the underside of my console and try to keep some of the heat down and out.

There is nothing between the bottom of that console and cup holders.  Cannot tell you how much it helps, but its a lot.  In the past I could put a canned/bottled drink in the cup holder and I could not drink it fast enough to not drink it hot.  So I would put it up on the dash which often led to spills.

Problem solved, I just added insulating foam to the inside of the console and under and around the cup holders.

 Take a close look on the pics and you will see where I left open the drains on the bottom of the console so water can drain out.


Phillups screwdriver

Torx set


30 min to remove and foam and install console.


$3.97 for the can of foam, on sale at Home Depot

Worth it Factor:

  Definitely keeps your cab and drinks cooler

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