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PIAA Driving Lights

Using you weld-on tab outline it with black felt pen

Weld it on, then paint

Note where I cut off the bumper ends

Great fit, looks good

Thin line for clearance

Bought a set of PIAA driving lights.  These puppies are NICE!  They have been setting on the shelf for nearly 2 years and I got around to welding them onto my front bumper today...finally.

Grind down some paint in the area you want

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1)  First thing I did was to clean some paint off my selected spot for the lights

2)  Then take a black felt tip and outline where the light tab is to sit

3)  Weld it up

4)  Apply paint

5)  Hook up electrics and drive

Time to attach brackets:  about 30 min

Tools:  Welder, angle grinder

Cost:  Mostly up to you on your choice of light, but I grabbed these PiAA's on a close out at half price, I paid about $160 for the pair.

While I was at it I also clipped off the extensions on my front bumper as you might notice in the last 3 pics.

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