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Warn Winch Add-on for Ford SuperDuty


AZVJC Member arrives

and sez I have this

and the kit to mount it, can you fab out the bumper to install it?

Step 1 remove the bumper and this bumper is HEAVY!

Front end on which to work

Winch mounting bracket

Plasma cutting some thick stuff

The other side

Winch mounted to frame

Bumper plasma cut and reinforced in key areas then painted and installed over winch

The other day I get a call from one of our members and he asks if I can help him out with some fab work.

He drives a Ford Superduty F 250 and its quite a truck.  It has this huge and very heavy (ask me how I know) front bumper on it.  When he bought the front bumper he did not have a winch.  Later on he acquired a winch kit, Warn 12k and needed the front custom bumper converted to winch use.

Now this seems like a simple, quick and easy project, after all he had a kit and the bumper, albeit not setup for a winch, was available in a winch configuration.

What began as 'we can knock this out in a few hours' became about a 10 hour job.

One of my prime concerns was not destroying the structural integrity of the bumper while I was cutting out space to fit the Warn winch and its mounting brackets.

This was a feel as you go trip and when of the MANY things I have learned in fab work is always take off less then you think so you do not have to add it back on later.

1)  Remove the bumper and take the kit, bumper and winch; measure some, visualize how it may be and get some idea of what might need to be removed.

2)  Install the winch kit on the truck.  Since we have no instructions for this conversion this is really step lightly as we go.  Start the process of test fitting and removing metal, then test fitting and removing metal.  There are a LOT of 'gotcha's' on this phase of the install.  In other words not everything is as it seems and what fits now, will not fit when the bumper is test fitted

3)  Begin test fitting the bumper.  Since the bumper is reinforced from the inside much care has to be taken to insure that it does not become a floppy rag attached to the front end of a truck.  Cut a little off, nip there, tuck here, slice this and open that up.  Test fit, repeat.  And did we repeat.  I bet if we took the bumper off once we took it off a hundred times.

As time went by we started getting closer and closer, with each nip and tuck getting smaller and smaller.  Finally well past dark the bumper slid on and FIT!

It was a fun adventure and albeit I don't care too much to work on rigs that are not Jeeps, I will always extend a helping hand to a fellow Jeeper and club member

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