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JK Rock Sliders for 2 & 4 Doors


Installed on 4 dr JK

.120 wall slider and .120 wall OEM slider

Added beef attach to body mounts

Reinforce the OEM supports

I developed these for a client Barlow Jeep Rentals who was looking for some strong rock sliders for their fleet of rental Jeeps and at the same time wanted an affordable product.  With their help and input this is the result:

OEM sliders which I use as a foundation, I add a rectangle [1 x 2 x .120 inch wall tube, which is the same thickness as the OEM slider and  blends it a bit better than round on the JK body.

Also the rectangle tube give one a better step-up than the round.

These are custom built to your rig to your specs:


More or less stand-off from the OEM rocker guards.

Open on top or with a filler such as tread plate* or expanded metal* any length or stick on high friction tread*.

Primer (free), painted (+ $10) or powder coated ( I do not do myself but outsource and will need to get a quote; my cost + 20% or I will give you the name of my power-coater and you deliver/pickup you pay my cost to them)

*I can also do them in 3/16th thickness, but not sure its needed.

*I can add some serious BEEF to them by reinforcing the OEM supports and adding brackets that attach to the body mounts.

These are completely welded on the OEM rocker guards.

Pricing: $200.00 for the 4 door and $175.00 for the 2 door (exchange), welded and installed, drive away...NOTE these are built on the OEM Rubicon Rock Sliders and this is done on an EXCHANGE basis.  You can often pick up the OEM sliders at 4x4 shops or off Craigs list...

* Optional & added cost.

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