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JK TeraFlex Lift Kit Install


Box Stock JK

TeraFlex 2.5" JK Budget Boost

Step 1 is to get the Jeep off the ground and 

Step 2 is getting the wheels off

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Removing the sway-bar control arms

You will need to cut some of the supplies bolts shorter

Jacking up the rear

Keep the floor jack under your axles for safety

Happy camper with a 2.5 in lift

Friend of mine, Rob, has recently picked up a new JK.  Rob, knew that he wanted some bigger shoes for his rig and so a mild lift was in order.  The Jeep engineers did a great job on the JK by opening up the wheel wells to accommodate bigger tires.  All you need is a mild lift to be able to run some serious meats.

The TeraFlex JK 2.5 Budget Boost comes in several flavors of kit.  Rob chose the kit which included the 4 TeraFlex Shocks which are longer and firmer for a better ride.

The Install:

1/2):  Get the Jeep off the ground and the wheels off.

TIP:  It works faster and easier if you do the front and rear of the Jeep at the same time (due to the reuse of rear parts on the front

3):  Remove the shocks then springs.

TIP:  You will need to get max droop of the axles in order to remove the springs without a tool to collapse them.  To do this you will need to get the JK high in the air.  We used 21 in lift Jack stands positioned on the frame just to the inside of the f/r wheels.

4):  At this point if you doing this then you have the detailed instructions and they will guide you thru.  Its all very simple by removing f/r sway bar control arms and the rear track bar on the frame side.


1)  14 -21 mm sockets and open ended wrenches

TIP:  You will often need 2 of each size such as the 18/19 mm socket and open end.  A ratcheting open end can be your friend.

2)  4, 2 ton or better adjustable jack stands to solidly hold your Jeep off the ground.

3)  Buy or borrow a 20 in lift or better 3 ton floor jack


1)  We used 2 floor jacks 1 to do the lifting and 1 to seat the bump stops and adjust the axle for get parts lined up.  If you don't have a second floor jack then you will need to use your bottle jack.

2)  Suggest you get a couple of 4x4 inch blocks of wood to use between the floor jack and the axle when lifting

3)  Some bolts will need to be shortened.  For this we used a 4 1/2 in angle grinder with a .045 metal cut off wheel.  If you don't have one, pick one up at harbor as cheap as $15 bucks.

Level of difficulty:

This job is well within the ability of all but the most ham-handed Jeepers.  And 1 man can do this.  The key is to have the aforementioned tools in the sizes required.

Its a better job with a buddy or two helping.

Time:  Teraflex says it about 4 hrs and that is exactly what it took us.  We have 4 total folks helping out.  But there was plenty of Jeep talk going on.  1 guy could do this in about 6 hours.

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