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Borla-MOPAR Performance Cat Back

Borla Stainless cat back system

Old and new

Jeep rear jacked up and secure

Small jacks under skid/tranny

Borla system install

Borla Bling chrome tip

I ordered a Borla MOPAR Performance Cat Back System in Stainless Steel from Jeepsrus.  I give them high marks for good prices, prompt service and ease of use on looking parts up on their website.

This is a good looking and well built system and is an EXCELLENT value for your money.  


1)  Get the Jeep off the ground if its not a lifted Jeep.  You really only need the rear of the Jeep raised off the ground and secured with jack stands

2)  Using your scissors jack or small floor jacks put a brace under the rear of the transmission just in front of the skid plate

3)  Place a jack under the skid plate to hold it in place as you remove the 4 transmission mount nuts and the 6 bolts that hold it to the frame

4)  Lower the skid plate enough to give you access to the 2 nuts that hold the OEM muffler to the catalytic converter

5)  Using a Sawzall or a hack saw cut the tail pipe off the back of the muffler and before the tail pipe hanger

6)  Remove the 2 nuts that hold the muffler to the cat

7)  Remove the muffler and the tail pipe and install the new system


1)  Spray the rubber hangers, 4 transmission nuts and 2 nuts that hold the muffler to the cat LIBERALLY with WD 40 or other spray lube, let set a bit

2)  When installing the new system just put the tail pipe clamps and muffler-cat nuts hand tight to you can position as needed the tighten them up


1)  Air tools if you got them but hand wrenches are fine

2)  Sockets in: 13,15 and 18 mm for my set up

3)  Spray lube

4)  Jack stands (2) and 2 or more floor jacks

TIME:  Took about 1 1/2 hour by myself


Borla Cat Back exhaust, stainless with chrome tip

Borla SS Exhaust: $214.95

Shipping: $23.95

Total: $233.90  Excellent value!!!

Click here for the Jeepsrus website.


Very mellow tone only slightly more than the OEM muffler setup with a stronger feeling mid-range.

NOTE:  This is a MOPAR/Borla Performance part and is available from you local Jeep dealer.  The chrome tip looks good and even has JEEP stamped on the top of it, but it can easily be removed for off roading.  All components (tail pipe, clamps and muffler) are of stainless steel.

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