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ChroMo TJ roll cage install

ChroMo cage construction

ChroMo tied to OEM cage

 Black paint


Getting ready for an upcoming trip to Moab, I figured it might be time to beef up my cage.  I had the TbT Sport Cage for nearly 4 years and never had to use it.  However, it has its limitations and I wanted to improve on its strength.

I got hold of Brian, a good friend, a wizard with a tube bender and a welder and who just happened to have a load of ChroMo tubing left over from a job.  He said If I did not mind he could build a nice cage.  I did not hesitate, gave him a free hand, and told him to just let me know when he was finished.

I prepped my rig by removing the TbT Sport cage, top and folded down the windshield and Brian did the rest.I kept the OEM cage and asked Brian tie into that.I picked it up a day later and began the paint process.  

While in Home Depot I grabbed a handful of 3 M rubberized, open weave sanding cloths and proceeded to scuff it up a bit.After that, I wiped it down with some mineral sprits.  Then shot it with 2 coats of rattle can gloss black and 2 coats of rattle can Appliance Epoxy Gloss Black.

Brian builds a top-notch cage; consider his work for your cage or his tube doors.

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