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CJ to TJ/YJ Wrangler tailgate install

Welded connect 3/16 steel

Cutting threads

Hinges welded-screwed on

Tailgate on

Tailgate down w/cables

OEM CJ Flip latches - Open


Tailgate up

I have been around Jeeps a long time and The Plan  was to cut a piece of 3/16th steel and weld it to the tub and between the Rokmen corner guards. I couldn’t cut the steel so I called up my good friend, John Hunter at Hunter Offroad and told him what I needed. He told me to stop by a bit later in the week and we would shoot the pigeon. I did and he even welded it in and that now gave me the support for the hinges.



The tailgate came with OEM CJ latches which simply rotate in a gravity based open or closed position.  Living here in Arizona where we average 8 in of rain a year and about 315 sunny days a year I just leave my Jeep open and in fact most of the time sans doors.  For that reason I didn't want any elaborate locking setups.



About $100 gross. Tailgate $50, paint - glue $15, new seal and cables $35. Less the sale of your TJ tailgate, I sold mine for $90 for a net cost of about $10.



 About 3 hours spread over a couple of days if you just go at it.  I spent much more time experimenting with glue's and then just welding in the support.


Worth it factor:

Looks good, gives you a place to sit and eat lunch on the trail or a table for a trail repair, good move and worth the expense.

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