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TJ Front Bumper Modifications

Cut off old tabs, top and bottom

Test fit the bumper for clearance

I cut out some tabs and extended them to have 3 bolt downs instead of the 2 it came with

Tabs welded on

Note ample clearance

Here is the bottom truss I added

Note the vertical truss

Front truss is welded to the vertical (above) on the backside

The support tubes for the stinger are bent and welded to the top center bar.  This makes it stronger than straight across

Finished  and stronger than Superman

The Toy's by Troy front bumper which is also made by many other companies is one of the most popular bumpers on the market.  With some modifications it can be strong enough to slam into the side of a '92 4 door Caddy and total out the Caddy, yet not suffer and damage.  Click here Wrangler Wreck:

While back I purchased the Warn PowerPlant combination of winch and on board air and I love it.  However it did not clear my TbT bumper, the bumper hit the right front of it and I needed to extend the bumper out about 3/4 of an inch + for movement when I sometimes slam into the rock ledges and waterfalls and an occasional 92 Caddy sedan.

After buying a Hypertherm Plasma cutter and a 220V Miller welder so I can do some larger work stock I tackled the TbT bumper.

1)  Cut off the old tabs that hold the bumper on and cut out a set of new ones.  These I cut longer to use all 3 mounting points on the frame.

2)  Test fit and weld on the new tabs

3)  Build your trusses to provide vertical and horizontal support

4)  If you run a 'stinger' and I STRONGLY recommend that anyone who rock crawls run one.  The purpose of the stinger is to force your Jeep to the left or right if you nose down as you are coming down a ledge or waterfall.  This keeps you and Jeep from landing on your lid.  Additionally, in the event of a roll over the stinger (if installed correctly) will keep the radiator from getting crushed.

The stinger braces provide added strength when installed as I have them rather than straight across to the top of the bumper.  If the braces are straight across then any pressure on the stinger will result in the bumper folding over into the radiator.

Time:  About 4 hours

Cost:  <$20 for steel and welding/plasma supplies

Worth It Factor:  Bet on it this bumper can take a beating and  still look good.

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