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Gen-Right Hi-Fender Tube Fender KIT - TJ / LJ Install

In the beginning

Begin fender test fit


Vacum box relo'd to vent open


Another cutout to fit battery tray


Note cutout to clear AC lines


Battery fits at an angle


Fender mounted fuse box tie wrapped to the support bracket


Slight relocation of horn/Cruise control unit


Finished product (still needs paint and side vents screwed on)


A client contacted me for the Hi-Fender Tube kit for his '06 TJ.  The day rolled around and he showed Gen-Right kit and all the pieces.

Gen-Right calls this install at 10 hrs.  It took a bit more than that maybe 12 hours total working time.  It could be done in 10 hrs if you have ever done one before but trust me, it is a big job.

It take surprisingly few tools and a body that can bend like a contortionist.

The Install:

I will not go into my typical detail here but rather address some tips that will make the job go smoother.  The kit comes with 14 pages of instructions and they are good for a guideline.  If you have not tackled a large job like this or are afraid of taking a cutting wheel to your or your buddy's Jeep then avoid this project

The kit comes complete and ready to install.  The only item I did not have on hand was a pop rivet gun.  They are 16 pop rivets and you could use screws instead.

The quality of the kit is like most Gen-Right products...high quality and a lot of thought went into the design.  That said it is still a complex kit.  I have installed PSC Tube fenders and this is far more complex.  The good news is that it fits very well.  Especially so when compared to the PSC Tubes.


1)  I suggest starting on the drivers side.  It is far easier then the passenger side.  By doing this you get a good feel of how it all goes together, areas that cause issues and in resolving them you are ahead when they crop up on the passengers side.

2)  Completely finish the drivers side to include fitment of the hood to the fender.  This will really speed up doing the other side.  Test fit you new fenders by setting them on top of your tires after you have prepped the OEM fender

3)  Place the side vents on the outside of the fenders rather than the inside.  This will be a major time saver.  You will only need to pick up some longer screws and nuts at your local ACE HW store.  You will want to leave them out for ease of installing the fenders by using the access panel for the vents.  But getting the vents down-thru and in the proper position is not easy at all.

4)  Using your old hood latches is another Jeep part too far.  Pass on that and pick up a hood latch kit from Autozone for a few dollars.  It will work better, look cooler and save mucho time in a wasted effort.  The fenders do have the punch-outs for the OEM latches but the problem is that angles have changed and the pull down strap will not stay locked down.  Fill the holes with some body putty or weld and grind them smooth.

5)  On the passenger side OEM fender you will need to cut out a very large part of the fender to clear the AC lines if you have AC.  The tendency will be to just make 2 vertical and one connecting cut opening up the fender.  I recommend that you do not do it this way but rather do a cut-out in the fender well.  This will leave a connection across the bottom of the fender well which will help provide some structural integrity to the OEM fender or what is left of it.

6)  It comes with a new battery tray/box, battery box support bracket and support bracket mount.  3 components that do not look right when they are assembled.  I suggest you assemble them to get an idea of how they go together.  Then install the battery support bracket mount first, then the battery support bracket and the battery tray/box.  This will help immensely in making it all fit and providing input as to where you will need to spend more time with your cutoff wheel or flap-sander.

On some TJs you will find a vacuum box under the OEM battery tray.  I suggest you relocate that to the outside of the battery support mount between that and the air vent on the side of the fender

7)  Your, wiper fluid jug, horn, cruise control module and fender mounted fuse box will need to be relocated.  The fender fuse box was moved to the grill brace rod and secured with 2 very heavy duty nylon ties.  The cruise control module and horn are easily shifted around somewhat and re-mounted using OEM existing mounts and bolts.


1) Angle grinder.  I consumed 10, .045 cutoff wheels in shaping the 2 OEM fenders and cutting and shaping the hood.  I used up 1 60 grit flap-wheel

2)  10, 13, 15 mm sockets and wrenches (SURE helps if you have air tools)

TIME:  We spent 12 hours working on it.  The above tips should help you bring it in at the 10 hour mark or less.

Worth It Factor:

Not only does it look great but it really opens up you wheel wells and allow you to run some serious meats with very little lift.  This Jeep has 37's BFG KM2s on and I am sure he is going to lower his Jeep as a result of this install

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