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Hood Vents Install for CJ/YJ/TJ/XJ

Use vent to make template

Identify center then place vents

Scribe with pencil and mask

Cut out with Dremel

Cut second hole

Tap in vents with rubber hammer

Found a set of '83-84 Chrysler LeBaron Turbo hood vents on one of the Jeep boards, sent the guy some ducats and they were mine.  They needed a good cleaning when I got them so I just put them in the dishwasher with the supper dishes and ran it on the pots, pans, and hood vents cycle.  They came out clean to say the least.

  Stopped off at Home Depot and picked up some Krylon Fusion Gloss Black plastic rattle can and gave them 2 good coats.  Then shot them with Krylon Clear and I was now ready to install.

  Gather up tools and proceed to do the install.


    •    Painters tape

    •    Cut-off wheel or

    •    Metal cutting blade jig saw

    •    Dremel tool for touch ups

    •    Flat and half round hand held files to clean up edges

    •    Tape measure

    •    Straight edge at least 24” long

    •    3 Pencils (you will drop or lose at least 2)

    •    Drill with bits

    •    Big Friggin Rubber Hammer

    •    Tube of adhesive outdoor silicone caulk

    •    Krylon paint


  1.    Decide where you want them, up front, middle or towards the rear.  From a ‘works best here’ viewpoint, the best I can ascertain is that as far forward as you can put them.  Which is just right at the leading edge of the raised section in your hood.  I base this upon the AEV hood and other posts where folks have done tests to see where they worked the best.

  2.    Using your pencil and straight edge mark a centerline down your hood using the footman loop as the center locater.

  3.    Place your vents where you like and measure off the centerline for proper placement.

  4.    If vents have mounting openings, use them to drill pilot holes.

  5.    Cover holes using blue Painters tape.

  6.    Using a pointed object, like the pencil I told you to get find your pilot holes.

  7.    Using a piece of heavy weight paper flip your vents over and create a template.

  8.    Taking the template, with the pilot holes identified, place it over the tape and puncture the template using the pencils.  

  9.    Using the third pencil draw your outline

  10.  Repeat the above on the other side.

  11.  Using a tool of your choice, cut-off wheel or jig saw but not your swinging Richard cut out the hole you just outlined.

  12.  If you did it correctly, it will drop in, if not get the BFH and beat the vent into submission if it is close.  If not get the Dremel and open it up some until the BFH will force the vent into compliance.

  13.  Insure a good fit and get some good quality outdoor adhesive caulk and put a few dabs around the inner edge.


  About 4 hours including painting the vents.


  From junkyard, about $5 +/-, off e bay about $15-$35 + shipping

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