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JK Turn Signals to TJ Grille Install

JK turn-signal

JK turn-signal side view

Place hole saw, use a marker pen to identify where to start drilling

Use round file to remove sharp edges around hole

Slide JK into cut out, note headlight bucket removed

Job complete, bumper reattached

Picked up a set of JK turn signals for my TJ in order to prep for new fender treatment somewhere down the road of its life.


This is a fairly simple job.  Take a bi-metal hole saw and determine where you want your turn signals on the grille.  Mark it, drill your hole, seat the JK turn-signal, plug in and go to the other side.

The JK turn signals work fine, look good and most of all your existing TJ wire harness and turn-signal connectors plug right in no fuss no muss.

TIP:  Remove your headlight buckets for easier and quicker access to the back side of the turn signals.  Remove the trim ring with its 3 torx head screws, then using a wrench remove the 2 nuts on the headlight bucket screws on the back of the grille.

TIP:  Using a 3 1/4 in hole saw and lightly file off the sharp edges will result in a near-perfect press fit of the JK assembly.  The JK is a tapered housing and its about 1/16th larger than the hole you just drilled.  Clean up and then file enough to get a firm press fit.


8mm wrench or deep socket for headlight bucket

Torx screwdriver for 3 trim rings

3 1/4 in bi-metal hole saw

Round file to smooth out the cut holes edges


About an hour


If you already have the hole saw then its just a pair of JK turn-signals.  About $30 bucks each at your Jeep dealer.  NOTE: I have done this with CJ lights and the big problem is getting the wiring to plug in.  I used a Dremel to carve out the back side and silicone to 'glue' the plug and light bulb assembly on the back side.  Trust me, the 'plug n play' of the JK to TJ is the quick and simple way to go.

Parts #s:



$27.75 each w/o lamps

Worth It Factor:

Yes, especially if you plan on going tube fender.

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