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7-blade OEM fan/clutch install, Jeep TJ

Tools, pipe-wrench, hammer

Shroud and serpentine belt stay on

Slide-in, slide-out

5-blade Vs 7-blade

Twist 'n shout, gets it out

Big nut screws onto bolt

Jeep has a 7-blade fan for the TJ to replace the 5-blade.  This fan will fit all TJ’s, however the clutch will not fit. It only fits TJ’s that use the ‘single nut’ fan clutch attachment as found on 2000 and up TJ's. Now I know what you are thinking, why not just bolt on a late model water pump with the single nut attachment. For the answer to this question, I asked my good friend Robert J. Yates for the answer:

“The bolt pattern is different and the orientation of the pump intake has changed as well. Additionally…the late model pump uses one large centering bolt for the fan and the clutch on the drive flange whereas the early model uses 4 individual bolts to mount the fan and clutch.

As a last bit of water pump trivia…the vanes for the pump assembly itself are different between the early model and late model pumps. The early model has 5 vanes and the pitch is completely different than the late model which has 7 vanes”

THANKS, Robert!

Being as hot as it is and having a Supercharger that generates even more heat, I decided to install the OEM 7-blade fan and new HD fan clutch.

Parts required:

PN:  55037650AA, Fan 7-Blade, Cooling (about $36)

PN:  05066177AA, HD Clutch, Fan Drive (about $178)

The fan and clutch are available from any Jeep dealer.

Tools required:

  • Fan/clutch removal tool.  NOTE.  The kit available at AutoZone DOES NOT have a open end wrench that is small enough to loosen the nut [approx 1 7/16”] so I just used a pipe wrench.
  • 1/2 in socket
  • Hammer
  • Install:
  • TIP to LOOSEN: The threads are RIGHT HAND! Turn COUNTER CLOCKWISE.  Slap with a hammer on the LEFT hand side as viewed from the front of the Jeep
  • Strike the end of tool with the hammer like you were slappin your redheaded stepbrother
  • This should loosen the nut enough to allow you to spin the fan, which will pin the nut, if not, slap it again
  • Slowly spin fan counter clockwise while watching the nut unscrew, be sure to catch the fan/clutch so as it doesn’t fall into the radiator
  • Remove by rocking and twisting the fan/clutch assembly, it should clear without much effort
  • Disassemble fan from clutch, as you will need the 4 screws that hold it on to the clutch
  • At this time either install the 7-blade fan on your old clutch or on a new clutch if purchased.  RECOMMEND YOU USE THE HD CLUTCH FOR BEST COOLING AND PERFORMANCE!
  • 1/2 in socket for the 4 fan bolts using 15 - 18 lbs of torque
  • Put a squirt of WD-40 in the clutch nut
  • Use a twisting rocking motion slide fan past fan shroud into fan cavity
  • Using contortionist motions and positioning line up nut with large bolt and slowly screw the nut onto the screw
  • TIP to TIGHTEN:  Threads are RIGHT HAND so turn the nut CLOCKWISE.Slap with a hammer on the RIGHT hand side as viewed from the front of the Jeep
  • When the fan/clutch grabs, slowly spin the blade clockwise until the nut has screwed completely on
  • Use tool of choice to clamp onto the clutch nut and tighten by hand until it begins to slip against the serpentine belt
  • Take hammer and slap the sheet out of it, once should be enough, unlike your red-headed step brother
  • The engine will spin the fan counter clockwise so no need to torque the nut down like its a pitman arm and your a gorilla on Viagra with a wife who has a headache



About 30 min


A cooler engine bay and the ability to cool down the engine quicker when its gets too hot.

Bang for buck:

$27 dollars for the fan and 15 minutes is just about how much you spent on Suzy Spreadeasy and just about how much time you spent in the back seat of your Daddy’s Oldsmobile with her.  Guess it’s a pretty good deal when compared to that.

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