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Tube Fender, Front Install, PSC, Jeep TJ Wrangler

Crushed my right fender

Prep for PSC install

Side marker lights installed

PSC hole for side marker lights

Good tight clean fit

Welded up all the seams

Easy install

Use button-head screws

Time for paint

Laid it on the PSC at Moab

NO damage at all

Several months ago, while running a trail it seems that a wayward coyote jumped out of the Mesquite trees and bit my hood and fender. Truly the coyote was quite large and might have even have been wearing braces on his teeth. 

I was able to pound out the damage to my hood, but the fender was pretty well crunched. This required a fix and I chose the PSC Tube fenders,  to alleviate the carnage. The following is a description of the install along with some tips for making it go smoother:

Step 1 Prepare Jeep:

oRemove front bumper if its high or wraps around and might get in your way for pushing, pulling and getting at the new tube fender

oInstall turn signals, I used the CJ 7 setups or you can use the JK OEM:  Write up/pics click here<

oI Dremeled out the back and just popped in the TJ sockets, works fine

oDisconnect and remove battery

Step 2 Gather tools (you may not need all of these):

oCut-off wheel [air or electric]



oJigsaw w/metal cutting blades

oFlap sander

oFile, medium

oSeveral sizes of Phillips screwdrivers [to align bolt holes]

oLarge “ice pick” from about ¼” to ¾” x about 12” long or longer [align bolt holes and to pry with]

o36” pry bar

o5 lb hammer

oRubber hammer

oVarious wood blocks 2”x4”, x4”, x6” 

oMetric sockets

oHelper who is built like a gorilla, but smarter than one, if not, get another helper who is smarter than you

PSC Step 2 NOW begin following the PSC instructions, which are very good:

PSC step 8: 

  Expect to trim on battery tray using the one of the aforementioned tools

PSC step 9 Fit tube fender:

Now the real fun begins. Expect to grunt like a constipated bear, sweat like a Cub Scout at Neverland and push-pull with muscles you haven’t used since you last shagged Suzy Spreadeasy in your buddies Corvette. You will shove ‘till your eyeballs are standing on stems only to find out that the PS fender has hung up on a sliver of uncut battery box smaller than Paris Hilton’s panties. Fear not for I have provided you a prayer:

  Yay, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of the Poision Sypder Tube Fender, I will fear no evil: For thou helpers art with me; Thy cut-off wheel and thy plasma cutter, they comfort me. Thou preparest a toolbox before me in the presence of mine enemies; Thou annointest my tube fenders with oil; My air hacksaw runneth over. Surely, goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the House of Jeep forever.

TIP: If you push hard and it only springs back, its not because its a virgin, you need to trim some more someplace

Yes, if you get it all right it will slip in place, but not without difficulty, its metal on metal

No, not all of the ho’s will line up like your some kind of pimp ordering your girls around

Tighten bolts a little at a time in a random pattern. Looking to see where its pulling together and is it pulling and aligning the rest with it. Use your bolts to pull it in place

Finesse, push, shove, pry, lift, it will all fit it just takes some time and effort

Yes, the second fender will go faster. Mine almost fell on by themselves (<30 min)

PSC step Time to paint:

Now if your fenders go on like mine, the thought of taking these things off again and painting them is like Suzy Spreadeasy wanting to do it twice. Hey Suzy, I was only horny once with you! Therefore, I have chosen to paint mine on the Jeep.

Painting or Powder coat: 37 coats of hand rubbed lacquer with 15 coats of clear or metal flake powder coat double baked? Sorry Acetone breath its two coats of Wal Mart semi gloss rattle can black.


About 8 hours including the turn signal install, paint etc, you can do just the fenders in about 3 hours

Worth it factor:

Yep, would do it again. Makes the Jeep look good and the Poison Sypder fenders are stout as hell, looks good and gives protection. Kinda like getting a date with the cheerleader and she gives you the rubbers!

Side marker lights: 

PSC has a hole in the fender support that the side marker light bulb socket will fit into with just a bit of filing. You need to pick up a Amber bulb at Wal Mart.


Doing all of your electrical work and installing the turn signals and side marker lights BEFORE you tackle the fender install will put you way ahead of the curve in sorting out any issues.


PSC does not fill in the top edge where it meets the tube. You can use paintable house caulk; silicone doesn’t work since paint will not stick to it. The other option, which I recommend, is to weld the top edges and grind down. Doing so makes the fenders brutally strong.


If you run big tires like I do (37 MTRs) you may get some slight inner-fender tire rub. It is not much but can grab the bolt heads and sounds like you are ripping metal. Stop off at your local ACE Hardware store and pick up some button heads. This won’t keep it from rubbing but makes it bearable as the tires will just slide over the button heads.


If I had to do it over again, I would have primed the fenders before I put them on.

GenRight High-Line Tube Fender Install, write up/pics click here<

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