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Rear Body Mounts & Bumper Reinforcement for TJ

Right side beat to hell

Left side no better

Some new parts I got from Cole at 4 wheelers

You can install the corner braces by welding or bolting, I do both

Use bolts to hold it in place

Cut the washer to clear and weld in

Now add your angle steel used for reinforcement

Weld on and bolt on

Painted, now add the rear bumper.

There is an old saying:  If a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his butt when  he jumped over a log.  This can also apply to a Jeep:  If a Jeep had wings it wouldn't bump its butt when it slipped off a ledge or waterfall.

Since we cannot add wings to our Jeeps here is an alternative solution.

The rear body mounts and bumper support on your TJ take a hard beating if you drop off ledges and waterfalls often.  Almost the entire weight of the Jeep will momentarily rest of the rear bumper and subsequently the body mounts.  What is needed is some reinforcement of the rear of your rig.

1)  Remove you current rear bumper

2)  Remove the L/R rear body mounts

3)  Clean well with flap sander and steel wire wheel to prep for welding and painting

4)  Test fit the rear corner and body mount reinforcements, then weld or just bolt into place

5)  Using a 4x1 in steel angle piece cut to length and weld or bolt.  If welding, weld at all points that are touching the current OEM frame spacer.

6)  Clean up your welds, prime and spray paint to the color of your choice


1)  Angle grinders with flap sanders, and steels wire wheels

2)  Socket and wrench to remove the nuts and bolt that hold the body spacers in and the bumper to the rear frame

3)  Spray paint


1)  Body mount and bumper supports about $50 from click here for 4 wheelers

2)  Added steel and paint about $20

Time:  If you add the angle steel and weld all the parts in place expect to spend about 4 - 6 hrs if you also need to straighten out the corners with a BIG hammer and a pipe wrench w/cheater bar

Worth it factor:  Albeit the pic do not do justice to how back the corners and body mount supports were really tweaked it took a good hour to get them straight.  This could have been avoided had I done this a long time ago.  For the low cost, time and effort this is a must do if you wheel where there are lots of ledges and waterfalls to drop off of...Moab, Johnson Valley, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas,and Nevada are just some of the places were trails like this are common place.

Recommendation:  If you wheel the 3.5> and up trails then do this before you tweak the rear of your Jeep.

Click here for front bumper reinforcement:

Click here for center frame rail body mount fix:

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