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Rear bumper corner supports, and 32 gal fuel tank prep

Measure for body mounts

clearance for the body mounts

Test fitting

The inner cross member will need to be removed for 32 gal fuel tank

Welding in the rear corner reinforcements

These are STRONG, made out of 1/4 in steel

Rear bumper installed

The bumper is a custom built by Scott at Diamond Off Road, its 4 inch Schedule 40, con you saw STRONG!

I did these on my first Rubicon and I did them because I NEEDED to.  This time I did this install before I my corners were bent like pretzels.

I picked up some 3x3 angle iron from a buddy of mine and built a cross member support for my LJ.  When I add the 32 gal tank I will need to cut out the inner cross member.  I like to add/brace the bumper cross member to provide additional strength and crash protection for the rear of the Jeep and the new 32 gal tank.

Its an easy job and I have done it before and have a write up below.  These pics are of my current install.

Click here for more pics and a detailed instructions on doing this to your Jeep

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