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Full Rear Corner Install Jeep TJ Wrangler Rubicon 

Tools needed

As shipped

My own design of slider bars



Install using clamps

Tighten down evenly

Getting ready for LED tail light


The Rokmen Mercenary Full Coverage Corner Armor is very nice and quality built armor.  The fine folks at Rokmen KNOW how to build some serious body armor!  The quality is some of the best I have ever seen coming out of a small company.  

They also had to do some modifications for me since I was doing some mods to the rear of my Jeep.  Their answer was “no problem”.  David at Rokmen took down what I needed, called back later to confirm and they arrived when David said they would.  Quality products, quality service!  

Rokmen Specs:

- 3/16 Steel Plate

- Precision Laser Cut

- CNC form bent using custom tooling leaving an incredibly smooth surface finish with no tooling marks

- Counter sunk Stainless Steel hardware

- These go completely under the tailgate hinge - Adding extra strength to the tailgate hinge, creating a super clean appearance with more strength and less holes you have to drill

- Can be used with the new style hinges as well as the old style hinges, No cutting or trimming needed like other corners

- Corners ship bare steel, sanded and ready for paint.

I came up with a design for the corner sliders that matched the corner of the rear bumper and at the front, has a down slope to save you Jeep when falling off walls.  It works GREAT!


  Drill w/ 5/16th drill bit for metal

  1/2 in wrench

  2 rapid clamps

  Rubber mallet

  Tools to remove your taillights and license plate


  I dotted the rear panels with some silicone.  The purpose of this is to give a bit of standoff between the corner guards and the Jeeps panels.  This provides a slight opening for water and small debris to wash thru instead of getting caught and rubbing.

  Then paint the backside of the corner guards with primer to prevent rust.

  Now for the outside paint.  The corner guards are going to take a beating so I passed on fancy paint jobs or powder-coat.  Instead I stopped off at Home Depot and picked up a good quality semi-gloss black rattle can paint, giving each outside a full cans worth.  Let dry for at least 24 hours in the sun and now you are ready for the attachment phase.

  Attaching these is a lot easier if you have a helper to hold it while you clamp it.  Clamp the tailgate end then up front at the door.  Level and drill a couple of holes close to each clamp to secure it.  Remove your clamps and finish drilling your holes to finish the job.

  Install your taillights and license plate, and fender flares if you chose to run them and your done.


  2 1/2 hours.  The install goes fast if you have your tools gathered and have pre-painted.  Bit more than an hour per side and add an extra 15-30 min for taillight and license plates lights.  I used the Lite'N Boltz, which have a small LED light in them.

  Cost is minimal after the purchase of your corner guards.

  The Rokmen is a quality product and I would not hesitate to use and purchase them again.

  This is a worthy addition for any wheeler and my corner guards have already saved my Jeep from serious damage.

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