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TJ Soft Top Brace Reconfiguration

OEM Support bar positon

Just does not look good

Disconnect and slide support bar back

Using prybar lever down the just behind the forward tip

Slide it under and into the inner tub lip

Much cleaner appearance, top still looks good

One of the things I have never liked was the OEM Soft Top Rear Support Bar Configuration.  Even my wife did not like it.  I initially solved the problem by installing a Bestop Safari Top and Cab Divider.  But neither seemed to fit my '03 TJ very well in spite of them sending me a new one.  After much thought I decided to try another OEM top and try to reconfigure the support bar.

This is probably not for you if you run side windows year round and at anytime.  Out here in the desert of Scottsdale Arizona I run a top to keep the sun from cooking what few brains I have left and run sans windows and doors most of the year.

The Fix:

1)  Undo the rear support bar from its attachment on the sports bar.  

2)  Now just pull it down and out till it touches the inside of the upper tub rail and then using a hammer and a 2x4 to spread out the  force of the blows hammer your support bar bracket back to the rear of the Jeep until it is almost under the tub lip.

3)  Using a small pry bar push down on the forward edge of the support bar just behind the plastic attachment tip and now slide the plastic tip under the edge of the inner tub lip.  Let it come up so as the lip inserts into the opening in the plastic tip.

4)  Bring the bar forward to insure a good snug fit with the base of the soft top on each rear corner.

TIP:  Loosen the front of your soft top by unsnapping the forward attachment levers.  This puts enough slack in the top for this to work.  Be sure to CLOSE them when you get the rear adjusted.


1)  Rubber hammer

2)  Small piece of 2x4

3)  Small prybar

Time:  15 minutes

Worth it factor:  Gives a cleaner look to the side of the Jeep.

Cost:  Nothing but your time.

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