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TJ Body Mount Reconfiguration

Center body mount beat and bent

Cut off center body mount

Old 6 inch w/ new 5 inch Gr 8 bolts & washers

Reassembly, don't forget Loctite

Body mount assembled and bolted on, then welded

Installed, welded and painted

Note how the center sits up 1 in higher than the others

A common issue on TJ's is the center frame rail body mount which always seems to be in the way when extreme trails are done.

If you have a body lift of 1 or 2 inches then moving the body mount up 1 inch is an easy and quick task.  This will get tuck it up and out of the way and keep you from hanging it up on rocks when climbing trails, ledges and waterfalls.

I have a 2 inch body lift and what is needed is for to cut the body mount off remove a 1 inch alum puck and replace it.

Tools required:


Plasma cutter (or other cutting tool)

Angle grinder to clean up after cutting and welding

3/4 in Socket for removing the body mounting bolt


1)  Remove body mounting bolt and lower rubber cusion

2)  Using a plasma cutter, cuttoff wheel or Sawzall cut off the center body mount.  NOTE:  The top center of the body mount is also welded to the frame along with both vertical sides.

3)  If you have a 2 inch body lift with 2, 1 inch pucks, then remove one.  If you only have a 1 inch body mount, then remove the puck but keep the upper cushion for proper spacing.

TIP:  Reinstall the mount and pucks using a new bolt and washer 1 inch shorter with Loctite.  THEN weld the bracket back to the frame.  This will solve any alignment issues you might encounter if you weld it and then go to install the components.

4)  Clean up with wire brush, primer and paint to match your frame rail color.

Time:  About 1 hour per side

Cost:  2 Grade 8 bolts $2 @ and 2 grade 8 washers @ .40 cents each, $4.80

Bang for buck:  Excellent value and keeps the Jeep from getting hung up on rocks stopping forward/reverse progress.

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