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Trimming Fender-well Openings

Attach the ground and cut

Slice removed

Clean up with flap sander

Shoot some primer

Paint and drivers side finished

Then the passenger side

Got a call the other day from Jason the Top Sales Guy at Airpark Jeep and a real Jeeper to boot.  Jason also gives a nice discount on all new and used Jeeps and Airpark gives a great discount on Jeep parts!  

Jason has a really nice and well built Jeep Limited that he mounted 37" BFG KM2 meats on and was having some clearance issues.

Jason said he needed a trim job on the rear fender-well openings and wanted his Jeep to still have a stock appearance.  He stopped by and I got out my trusty Hypertherm PowerMax plasma cutter and here is the result:

Tools required:

Plasma cutter or Sawzall

Cut-off wheel

Flap sander


Under $10 for the consumables and spray paint


About 30 min total per side

Worth it factor:

Take it to the bank if you are rubbing your tires on the edges of the fender-wells.

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