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Warn PowerPlant Dual Force HP Winch Install


Remove front bumper

Toys by Troy front bumper

Swapped cable for Masterpull

Put a spray of WD40 on cables

Warn PowerPlant

Warn PowerPlant unpacked


Bumper with winch

I have wanted to free up some space under the hood of my Rubicon and one of the things I have been looking at is moving my ExtremeAir OBA system to the rear of the Jeep. I was working on a plan when the fone rang and it was Cole at 4 Wheel Supply 800 606 6421 and he asks for my fax number and just sez I have something you might be interested in. Well sure enough I get a fax on the new Warn PowerPlant HP . I take one look and call Cole right back and ask WHEN? 4 Wheelers Supply is the Warn distributor and he tells me he has got a unit coming in if I think I can use it. I tell him it is just what I was looking for and to let me know ASAP when it arrives.

  Cole, called and said, come on down and pick this Warn PowerPlant HD up, put it thru its paces and let me know what you think.

  4wheelers has been around just about as long as folks have been wheeling and Cole and been there at least that long. In fact Cole was shipping parts to the 3 Wise Men in what he calls the “good ole days”.

  I already had a Warn 9.5ti that had done yeoman service for me and taking it out would be like losing a good friend, but it will find a happy home I am sure.


  • Remove my front bumper
  • Then remove the old Masterpull Superline since I plan on putting it on my new winch
  • Disconnect winch cables from the battery.
  • TIP: Spray some WD40 on your cables so they will pull in/out easily and at the same time it will help clean them
  • Remove old winch.
  • The new Warn winch sat on my winch plate with no problem in clearance on the plate or Jeep
  • The new Warn winch uses the same footprint and attachment setup as their other winches, so it was a simple bolt on
  • I routed the cables under the grill and along side the radiator, up on top of the inner fender and under the large fuse box that sits just in front of the battery. It a good fit and keeps them out of harms way.
  • I then tested the Warn PowerPlant HP for proper winch and air compressor functioning
  • Extract the new Warn steel cable and install the Masterpull Superline. Attach the bumper and your finished


  5/8ths wrench, for the Warn, 1/2 in for the battery clamp


  About 3 hrs complete. If you are installing the Warn for the first time and do not have a winch to take off then its about a 1-2 hour job depending on your bumper setup


  I run a modified Toys by Troy bumper and it doesn’t clear one side [passenger] of the new Warn PowerPlant. You will need to extend the upper and lower frame attachment brackets by about 3/4 in +/- to get it to fit. It will then stick out that much further from the Jeep, so if that is a problem then sell the bumper.  I am working on extending my bumper so look for a write up on it soon.

Cost/worth it factor:

  Unless you need a new bumper or a winch mounting plate then it just the cost of the Warn PowerPlant, about $1400 bucks (internet discount pricing). Expensive? I see it for what it is, a powerful winch, the same as the 9.5ti and OBA. Street price on the Warn 9.5ti runs about $1050 off the internet and a good OBA system such as the Extreme Air or the Kilby is about $400 and $1200 respectively, you do the math. Plus you free up some space in the engine bay.


  Is it going to cause your rig to run hot? I will let you in a follow up report this coming summer. I live here in the “valley of the sun”, Phoenix, AZ and we know HOT!  UPDATE:  NOT AT ALL!

Other notes:

  • The Warn PowerPlant sets higher on my front end that it may set on yours. This is due to a raised platform winch plate instead of a standard flat unit. Mine is raised about 2 in.
  • The price of the 12k HD unit is the same as the 9.5k HP unit, so why did I choose the HP unit? The HP unit is a faster unit than the HD. Everything is the same except the gearing so in essence you get a 12k unit rated at 9.5. I felt the line speed was more advantageous to me.
  • The unit weighs in at about 100 lbs; suggest you get some help moving it around.
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