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Trail Tire Repair


2 1/2" gash


Clean it and then stitch it from the inside

First stitch 

Stitched up like Frankenstein

A sold stitch about every 1/2 inch

Tie a knot on the inside and push the plugs thru

Smeared with glue

17 plugs, count'um

A good friend of mine, Lance, out here in AZ wrote this up and posted it on our local forum.  I got his permission to publish this on my site and I present this to you the reader as a great trail fix.  

Lance is a real hard-core wheeler.  He runs hard and hits the trails with all the aplomb that a wheeler of his caliber does.  I give him a 'tip 'o hat' for a truly great trail fix that everyone can learn from and do.


So, what do you do when you are solo on the road heading back to the trailer and your tire gets a gash you can nearly put your hand in.  To make matter worse you are not hauling a spare.

You fix it!

This trail repair, while it was a HUGE PITA, at least got me to the trailhead and on the trailer. Luckily, I had all the necessary tools and parts to make it work.

Tools and parts:

Air compressor (OBA)

Air hose

Tie wire (bailing wire)

Tire plugs and tool

Rubber cement


1/2" socket (for Bead Locks)

Tire iron


LOTS of patience

2.5" slice that would not hold plugs.

The trail fix:

1)  Removed the tire from the rig. Pulled all the bolts out of the BL ring and removed it. Propped open tire, but I did not remove tire from back bead. 

2)  Scoured the inside of sidewall with a wire brush and sprayed with Simple Green to clean, then brake cleaner to remove all contaminates. 

3)  Started with the tie wire, by stitching the cut closed.

4)  Next, I tied a knot in some plugs and inserted them from the INSIDE, so they would not pull out as easily.

5)  I reassembled the rim and tire, and aired it up. I was still getting some air escaping, so I sprayed Simple Green on it to find out where. The air was coming through the "stitch" holes, so I plugged them too. No more leaks!

I used 17 plugs. Good thing I had a new box of 50 plugs with me.

I ran about a couple miles to the trailer like this, and still had air in the tire this morning.

Time will tell on how this repair holds up. But I will start carrying a spare in the tow rig until I can get a replacement.

Tires are 37x13x17, mounted on Walker Evans Bead Locks and I run them at 5-6 PSI.


Took about 1.5 hours on the trail, by myself.

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