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Coffee Can Survival Kit

This list and idea came from a good 

Jeep buddy:

Coffee Can Survival kit:

 Three Pound Coffee Can with Lid

 10' Parachute Cord

 10' Safety Wire


 Campers Toilet Paper





 Fishing Line, Hooks, Sinkers

 Light Stick

 Mini Razor Knife


 Multi Tool (El Cheapo)

 Needle and Thread

 Paper and Pencil

 Pocket Knife (Military Grade)


 Safety Pins

 Sandwich Bags to keep items organized

 Scissors (Medical Grade)

 Small Screwdriver with Magnetic Top

 Space Blanket

 Theraflu, Replace every year

 Trail Marker Tape

 Tweezers (Surgical Grade)

 Waterproof Matches


Optional items:

 0000 Steel Wool

 Advil/Motrin, Replace every year

 Antibiotic Cream, Replace every year

 Bailing Wire

 Benadryl, Replace every year

 Chap Stick

 Dental Floss

 Gorilla Tape

 Immodium AD, Replace every year

 Iodine, Replace every year

 Maxi Pad

 Salt Tabs

 Silica Gel (Do not Eat)

 Sting Kit

 Sun Screen

 Super Glue

 Tampon x3

 Trash Bags (orange or white)

 Vaseline on Cotton Balls in a film case

 Water Purification Tablets

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