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Trail Survival Part I of III

When you are out there

trying to get here

or there

and a storm is comming

and you would rather be here

laying on the beach

but you are in the desert

up to your ass in alligators

and shit happens

Tickler list for off roading, carry based upon YOUR rig, length of time, # on the ride, weather and trail conditions.

Purpose of the list is to 'tickle' and make you think about what to or what not to carry.

Something to think about:

Try to think "outside the box" where others are not:

I was leading a week long trail run in Moab and I had 9 rigs from Texas, Colorado, Ca and Washington State.

In the middle of the week on a very small ledge of less than a foot one of the rigs dropped his rear driveshaft.  Quick look said u joint failure and about that time members from every Jeep chimed in unison, "I have got a spare I will give you".  We all laughed and proceeded to help him get his Jeep fixed.

Well I got good news and bad news he said as he crawled out from under the Jeep.  It was not the u joint but rather the small bolt that held in the u joint strap had most likely hit a rock and was weakened and the ledge was enough to cause it to snap off.  The bolt was easily removed.  Lots of spare u joints, but not a single strap kit amongst us.  

We pulled a strap from the front drive shaft and fixed the rear then hobbled, strapped and winched him back to the trail head.

We were to meet the next morning at about 9am to head out again.  I left my motel early and drove down to the local NAPA store in Moab to pickup a strap kit.  As I pull into the parking lot, you guessed it, 9 Jeeps parked there and they are all getting strap kits for joints.

All that said and all the lists in the world DO NOT take the place of the 5 P's:

Prior Planning Prevents Piss-poor Performance!

THANKS TO ALL who have made contributions to this "work-in-progres" list, THANKYOU!!!

The Survival list is available as a down-loadable MS Excel file>

Extended Trip and Offroad Vehicle Equipment

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