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Trail Survival Part II of III

Boogie Board
Fishing Gear
Playing cards
Reading Material
Spending Cash
Survival Gear
 Advil, Sudafed, Antihistamine "Benadryl",   Maalox
 Antiseptic "Sea Breeze"
 Baby wipes
 Bug Spray
 Camp Heater
 Can Opener, military "P-38"
 Cell Phone and Charger
 Chap Stick
 Collapsible bucket
 Dog tags w/ICE [In Case of Emergency] and medical info on them
 Ear Plugs
 Emergency Blankets
 Firearm and bullets
 Fire starter kit
 First Aid Kit
 Food - Trail Mix, Jerky, dried Fruit, Bagels, canned stew, crackers, MRE’s, etc
 Hand Lotion, cleaner
 Knife: Leatherman, Swiss army, Fixed          
Knife sharpener
 Parachute cord
 Prescription meds
 Poncho & "Poncho" liner, military type
 Signal mirror
 Smoke bombs or grenades
 Snow/cold weather gear
 Spare glasses/contact lens
 Sun block
 Water purification tabs, filtering system
 Waterproof matches
 Whistle, extra loud safety or police
Tool Kit
 1/2" Sockets and Ratchet SAE, Metric
 1/4" Sockets and Ratchet SAE, Metric
 12 point 1/2 inch socket for the unit bearing bolts
 12Volt DC Ni-Cad Battery
 3/8" Sockets and Ratchet
 36 MM socket for front axle hub bolt
 AAA, AA, C and D batteries
 Air Compressor
 Allen Wrenches
 Assorted, washers, nuts, bolts, cotter pins
 Assorted Screwdrivers
 Ball Peen Hammer
 Brake Tools
 Brazing Torch & Rods
 Channel Locks
 Cordless Drill & Bits
 Crescent Wrenches
 Crow Bar
 Duct Tape
 Electrical Repair Box
 Electrical Tape
 Extensions for ratchets
 Flaring Tool
 Flash Light's)
 Garbage Bags
 Gear Oil Fill Spout
 Grease Gun
 Grease Pencil
 Hack Saw w/spare blades, metal cutting
 Hammer 24oz, 4 lb, and Rubber
 Haynes Manual
 Hi-lift Jack
 Impact Driver
 Jumper Cables
 Magic Marker
 Magnet on telescoping extension
 Needle Nose pliers
 On board air supply
 On board welder
 Pair Vise Grips
 Paper Towels
 Pickle Fork
 Pipe Wrench
 Pliers & Needle Nose
 Propane torch
 Pry Bars
 Ratchet Straps
 SAE & Metric Allens
 SAE & Metric Wrenches
 Sledge hammer
 Tap & Die Set
 Tape Measure
 Tire Iron
 Tire Pressure Gauge
 Tire repair kit w/spare stems/valves
 Torx & Safety Torx sets
 Tubing Wrenches
 Wire Brush
 Zip Ties assorted lengths

 Ziploc bags, assorted sizes to 1 gallon

Trail Survival Part III>

The Survival list is available as a down-loadable MS Excel file>

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