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Trail Survival Part III

Vehicle Equipment
 ABC Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher
 Axe or Woodman's Pal                                          
 CB/SSB Radio
 Chain with S Hooks
 Clevis/snatch block
 Gerry Cans fuel, water
 Halon Fire Extinguisher
 High Lift Jack
 Pair Leather Gloves
 Sand Anchor
 Sand Mats
 Set Spare Keys
 Shovel "D" handle and or folding military issue
 Tow strap
 Tree Strap
 Wheel Chocks
 Yank Strap
Vehicle Spare Parts-Fluids
 10 1/8" 6012 DC Welding Rods
 10-40 W Oil
 85-90 W Oil
 Assorted nuts, bolts, washers
 Axle fluid
 Axle Shafts
 Axle-Drive Shafts
 Baling Wire
 Brake Clean
 Brake Fluid
 Brake Line
 Brake Lines for front
 Brake Lines for rear
 Drag link
 Electrical Wire 12, 16 gauge
 Epoxy, Steel reinforced:  "Pro Poxy 20 Epoxy Putty" seals gas tanks etc
 Full Size Spare Tire
 Fuses, electrical assorted
 Gas Tank Repair Kit
 Grease, grease gun, wheel bearing grease
 Hose clamps, assorted sizes
 Hose Repair Kit
 Hydraulic Fluid
 JB Weld
 Lug Nuts
 Octane Booster
 Oil Filter
 PB Blaster
 PEAT SORB, P.I.G. pads to absorb oil spills
 Pittman arm
 Power Steering Fluid
 Radiator fluid/antifreeze pre-mix
 Radiator Hose repair kit
 Radiator STOP LEAK "Bars Leaks" is excellent
 Roll Duct Tape
 Roll Electrical Tape
 RTV "Automotive Goop"
 Serpentine belt/fan belts
 Set Spark Plugs
 Shop Rags
 Solderless Terminal Kit
 Spark Plug wire
 Spark Plugs
 Starting Fluid
 Tie rod
 Tie Rod Ends and Heim Joints
 Tire Repair Kit
 Transmission Fluid
 Tube Form-a-gasket
 Tube Hand Cleaner
 Tube Pig Putty
 U-Joint Snap Rings
 U-Joint Straps/U-bolts kits
 U-joints, drive shafts axles
 Valve Cores
 Valve Stems
 Wire Ties

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Tactical Gear:

General gear:


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