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BFG KM2's First Impressions


Cowboy has got new shoes BFG KM2's. 

Good looking tire

4 new BFG KM2 37x12:50x17

D rated tire

Looks nice on the Walker Evans

Dropped off my wheels sans bead lock rings at Discount today and picked them up about an hour later with MTR gone and KM2's on board. Took them home and spend the day cleaning up bead lock rings and inside/outside of the wheels. Then installing the lock rings and popping the bead, torquing down the lock rings and heading out for a drive.

I have been riding on MTR's on my Jeeps and truck ever since they have been out and I have gone thru 7 sets. Figured it was time for a change. I replaced the 37x12:50x17 MTRs with the same size in the KM2's.  Click here for BFG/MTR tire chart sizing charts:

I drove 9 miles and this is my first impression:

1) Softer ride than the MTRs. Some of this is not doubt the MTRs being a E rated tire and the KM2s a D rated tire.

2) Tires are more grippy. This may be because the MTRs were getting down toward the end of their useful life???

3) I took them back to Discount to have them balanced and after some discussion we decided to wait a few days. I have no vibes at all up to about 60 mph. I will do some freeway driving tomorrow and see how they drive at speeds about 60 mph. My MTRs HAD to be balanced with often more than 1 pound of weight. I balanced the MTRs every 3k miles and they always NEEDED it.

4) I am heading out to Moab next week so I will see how they do in the 'slickrock' up there.

The KM2's are a D rated tire which is 8 ply rated. I doubt they are as tuff as my MTRs but time will tell...

That said when folks have looked at the sidewalls on MY MTRs they are drop jawed. Slashes, rips, tears, holes and many large enough to put fingers in. Most of them with exposed plys. Yet until my trip down to Mexico and two days of driving on the beach (sand) I NEVER in 7 count them SEVEN sets of MTRs EVER had a leak.

I attribute this to my frequently STUFFING the openings with various glues, cements and adhesives. Is this the answer, dunno, but it has worked for me and I have been running MTRs since '02.

In fact as we often do out on the trails talk turns to various Jeeps subjects and tires is one of them. Folks are simply stunned when they see my tires and I will put my tire trail rash against anything out there that rolls. Even the guys at Discount tire couldn't believe I drove in there on inflated tires...NOTE this ONLY applies to the 37x12:50x17 MTR I run.  

MTRs have been my DD tire for nearly 80k miles on my current Jeep and it is my 7th set of them spread out on Jeeps and my truck. I am sure that they will compete very favorably with MTRs and I am sure that MTRs were used as design standards.


I got out the door for about $1500 for 4 which included a road hazard warranty, taxes etc.


So far they are showing very good manners on the street. I could say they are a bit noisy, but it is a different sound that what I am used to with 5 years of nothing but MTRs shoes. They are not loud, just different, bit higher pitched...BUT I am only running 18 psi in order to get a good tread patch on the street. More than that and I was not able to get a full contact patch across the tread.


Got all buttoned up and drove around a few days, swung by Discount to get them balanced. The guy asked if there were any vibes or noticeable issues. No I said. Have you driven it on the freeway? No. He said drive it a while and bring it in.

It was my first trip on the freeway with a run up 101 N to I17 S to downtown after a couple of stops on to I 10, couple of more stops then 101 N to home.

I headed down Frank Lloyd Wright from my house and took a right to N 101 at the intersection. I hit the on ramp like I was petting a puppy...slow, steady and softly. 40 mph, 41 mph, 42 and I am watching the speedo tick off the mph like watching water boil. I hit 55 where my rig has always had a vibe and it was still there but barely noticeable.

I am heading toward 70 mph and as I have been climbing up the speed ladder I have been slowly making my way to the speedier lanes. Finally I am in the far left lane at 75, then I tick them slowly off as I get to 80, then finally 85 mph.

Now I am backing down and ticking them off till I land at about 62 where my comfort zone is. By now I am almost at I 17 and I hit the fly-over for I 17 S at about 65 and holding. My rig slides around the curve like its on rails.

I knock out nearly a 100 mile day and the Jeep feels as smooth as a hooker with a mouth full of pork fat from a BBQ sandwich she is munching on between Johns.

Guess I have to say that it is AMAZING that 4 tires mounted on bead locks and have not been balanced and DON'T need to be.

I do need to kick my adjustable shocks up a notch as these tires roll softer than the MTRs and the Jeep feels ever so slightly wallowly. My shocks are setting on '3' as I remember.

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