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Butt Pack and US Ammo Box

Surplus Ammo Can

Lockable storage and bolt to tub

Army Butt Pack attached to my Raingler side netting

Great storage location for quickly needed items

3 straps to attach to various objects

Military belt attachment pins

I have been looking for some storage options for my off road trips into the outback of Arizona, Mexico, Utah and other locations.  I have broken down my 'take with' into small and logical groups, cooking, sleeping etc and placed these items in Rubbermaid plastic boxes.  But there are a few items that one wants to carry, keep safe and have at hand one needed without digging thru a trailer or back of the Jeep tub.

I found a US Army Ammo box and a Butt pack:

In Vietnam and up until I retired I carried a .50 cal ammo box.I had spray painted it red and wrote my name on it:

Spec 4 Pryor, Donald.As I got promoted I just scratched thru the rank and added the new rank down below.A .50 cal ammo can is about the size of a shoe box, fitted neatly between the seats of my Jeep, water proof, floats and I carried shaving gear, wallet, tooth brush etc in was in fact my essentials and personal items.

Sure wish I had that old box as it served me well from '67 - '94.Not even sure what happened to it, but time to get another one.I would suggest to all that they do same.In the event of a fire or losing your Jeep in water crossing, bear rummaging thru camp while you are out exploring this will survive.Also you should have ICE info along with a return address with return postage guaranteed + reward for return.  The ammo box is also lockable and could be bolted down to the Jeep tub.

The store I went to had one and while there I also discovered a new and improved “butt” pack.The butt pack is carried on the back of your web belt, is small, carries short term needs items that will allow the soldier to spend up to about 48 hours in the field with no resupply.

This model is made out of waterproof fabric and has drain holes in the bottom of the main and 3 side pockets.  It is held on by standard attachment pins that slip over web belts or by 3 long straps that would attach it to netting or other object that the straps can wrap around and still snap.

Myplans are to attach to my Jeep as shown in the pics.

Put these on your list of items that are a 'must get'.

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