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Hypertherm PowerMax 30 Plasma Cutter (the Ultimate Man Tool)




I have had my plasma cutter for about 6 months and it NEVER fails to amaze me the amount of power that is packed in a plasma cutter and most of all the power in the Hyperthermn PowerMax 30 Unit (click here to go to Hypertherm site).

As a home hobbist and small off road business I knew I needed something beside the angle grinder and chop saw to do any fabbing in a reasonable amount of time.  I knew I needed to look at plasma cutters.

As a retired engineer I have a tendency to research my purchases in depth and buying a plasma cutter was not any different.

I can assure you the reader that I looked and researched all of them.  From the ones that cost only a few hundred $ to the Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics, Miller, Hobart and Lincoln.

I have owned 2 Miller welders and my blood runs blue in that regards.  So my first thought was the Miller and when it came to narrow the field it was Hypertherm, Miller and Thermal Dynamics.  Then I turned up my research a notch and went looking for 'white papers' on the plasma cutting technology.  When I did that, it was an easy choice:  Hypertherm, Thermal Dynamics and Miller.

That said let me give some of my rationale.  As a hobbist and very small business owner I feel that bang for buck almost always falls into the 'buy the best there is' category.  Now some folks will say they don't have money so they buy down-market for lightly used items.  That is your choice.  But this leads one down the path of Harbor Fright products and a few other companies that outsource to China and sell on e bay.

The Hypertherm PowerMax 30 sells for about $1,500 or less street/internet/sale priced.  And yes you can get one made in China for about half the cost.  I am not here to poor mouth anything or anyone's product but I will just say that 62+ years of living has taught me that 'Cheap don't come good and good don't come cheap'!

I chose to put my money in technological leaders, made in America by Americans with companies that stand up and behind their products.  In short, if you want the best there is in a plasma cutter of any size...Hands down its Hypertherm.

If I can sum up Hypertherm as a company, then it has to be the axiom 'Under promise, over deliver'!

I have cut thin steel, and today I cut 3/8th inch bar stock and the PM 30 went thru it like a knife thru butter.

The PM 30 cuts thru steels very smooth and leaves little clean up and the pics of my 3/8th cut show.  In fact take a hammer and just knock off most of the slag.

I have cut some 1/8 Alum and albeit the PM 30 works and cuts good, the alum leaves a bit more slag to contend with.

click here for Plasma cutter garage install

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