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Jeep Roof Kool Coat

Cool Roof Coating

Surface Prep, clean with wax and grease remover

First Coat

Second Coat

Third Coat, 4th coat if needed

Removing painters masking tape after last coat

Finished: note the reflection and this is indoors

Here is a good idea to keep the inside of your rig a bit cooler in the summer time

It looks like 'white-out' on the hard top of my Jeep.  You will need to give your rig 2- 4 coats, letting it dry between each coat.  The application has to be done in the shade and not in direct sunlight.

Its almost November here in the Valley of the Sun and not sure if I can get a good reading right now and the temp differences between the coated and non coated areas.  

What I did do was use the old hand test.  I went out in the early afternoon and put my hand on the black portion of the hard top and then on the white portion.  Trust me, a NOTICEABLE difference in temperature.  No doubt in my mind that this translates into cooler interior temps.

The product is white so at first blush it meets the test of high reflect-ability of sunlight.  The product also has insulating properties to it.

It took about 2 hours to prep and apply all four coats.  If you have applied wax or other coatings to your hard/soft top then you will need to remove it prior to coating.  Otherwise its just clean with Windex or Simple Green and rinse with a wet towel.

The product is a solar paint/sealant made by several companies for coating roofs on homes.  It is very effective.

Henry Cool Roof Coatings click here<

587 White Roof Coating

  • Ponding water resistant
  • No primer needed
  • Energy efficient – releases 91% of the sun's heat
  • Elastomeric – expands & contracts without cracking

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