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Toughstuff, Masterpull Product Review

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ToughStuff Safety Thimble

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About every 2 years I ship my Masterpull Superline rope off to the good folks at Masterpull for inspection and to clean up the working end.

Taking care of your rope:

I wash mine about once a year. I use Dr Bronner's pure castel soap and pour a few cap fulls in a large tub I have. While I am at it I also toss in my mechanics gloves that get grease on them and anything other shop stuff that is a bit greasy.

I will let it soak a few hours and check it to see if I need to add more soap. Do that by seeing if it will still create suds, if not add a bit more soap. Let soak over night and rinse a couple of time then fill the tub with water again and let soak over night again. This gets all the soap out. Its dry out here in the desert and I will also add some fabric softener to reduce static electricity and to let the rope slide a little easier.

I have a Masterpull rope and send it back to Masterpull every other year for inspection and working end clean up. This service is free with Masterpull.

This time I also shipped a Winch Safety Thimble from ToughStuff Products along with it and asked Masterpull to install it for me.  The folks at MP are fantastic; they do not charge for this service.

  I ship out on Sat am via UPS and always have it back and ready to wheel by the end of the week.

  Thanks to Masterpull and thanks to Mr. Blaine of ToughStuff for telling me about his company’s products...

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ToughStuff Products

Dr Bronners Soap

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