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Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide, 'VDEG'


Fotos and charts on almost every page


534 pages of info

I just ordered this book and its not cheap, about $90 bucks including shipping.  I ordered it because I was told by several folks that this book was 'end-all, be-all' book about travel in the outback and off road.  When I hear things like that I most always want to check them out.  Albeit this book recommendation came from folks I know and respect, still those are tall words.

The book arrived and its not small with 534 pages of words, pictures and diagrams all of high caliber.  At first glance I must say I am impressed!

This is not an afternoon read so please watch for updates here as I go thru it.  I do not think I will be disappointed.

The book was written by Tom Sheppard, an Englishman who is a former Royal Air Force Test Pilot.

Of note is that this book is sometimes available on e bay and Amazon, but not often and prices run as much as $600 and beyond.  This is edition 2.1 with updates as of March 2008, 3rd printing.

Lastly, this is a tome about off road travel and all aspects of it.  Its NOT a book about Jeeps or rock crawling, it is a book that is about just what the title says, Vehicle-dependent Expedition!  It is not entirely vehicle neutral as it does have many tips about the British Defender.  Neither does it address US travel, its is in the eye of an Englishman.

 Updates to follow:

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