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Winch Cable Care


Steel cable does not have an expiration date.  It does have mandatory inspection dates.  However, they are superseded by inspecting the cable after EVERY or at the end of a wheeling weekend.

Get some lightweight oil like 10 weight.  String you cable completely out in front of the winch, but leave it attached so you can reel it back in.

Using your can of 10 wt and a large rag like a t-shirt.  Drop oil on the cable liberally while pulling the t-shirt along the length of the cable.

Best to do on a hot and sunny day.  Let cable set for couple of hours in the sun to:

1)  allow the oil to work its way thru and around the cable strands

2)  excess oil to seep off

Now taking a fresh t shirt/rag wipe down the cable well so as it is not oily to the touch.  Then taking a clean rag hold the cable and slowly winch it in, cleaning it again as you go.

You only want enough oil left inside the cable to keep rust from growing and to allow the strands to move against each other smoothly.

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