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Ordering a new Jeep at Invoice

Over the years of ordering-buying cars, I have done fairly well on purchase price. There have been some exceptions, but outside forces were involved and having a happy home is better than an unhappy home just to save a few thousand bucks. That said, the following are various tips on ordering a car and getting a good deal, meaning ordering at or near invoice. To that end I have summed up my experiences and what has worked for me over the past 30 plus years of ordering cars:

 • It has been my experience that when you enter the lot of any dealership the fender lizards will descend on you like a piece of road kill and ask if they can help you. Then say "I am here to order a new car" all the while keeping your eyes on the main entrance and walking briskly. In the dealerships that have trained their employees well, the sales person will reply, yes sir, you need to see fleet/internet manager" and they will escort you to the receptionist.

 • I have not met many fender lizards that could place an order for a new car. I have met many who said they could, but after wasting my time and theirs for about 15 min, I am shuffled over to fleet/internet sales. Moreover, on several occasions I hear them getting chewed out for not knowing where to direct the customer...most likely they were never told.

 • Take the initiative. Stand tall and walk into Fleet/Internet sales; tell them what you want, and make a firm offer "dealer invoice or I walk.” Say it with certainty as if you mean it, but not like you are a jerk or butt hole. Tell them you are prepared to order now and will provide any deposit they require. Convey thru your actions, voice, and words that you are here to do business, and business you will do.

 • I have always found they like the straight forwardness, the fact you are prepared to do it now and will give whatever amount of deposit they ask for.

 NEVER take a brochure when you sit down. Simply say when offered: "I already know what I need.” Just slide the brochure back across the desk. I guarantee you will see an interesting facial expression because everyone likes pretty color pictures printed on a heavy stock paper. This will absolutely let them know that you know what you want and are not here to "look". If you want a brochure, then ask for one AFTER the deal is done and you are one the way out the door.

 NEVER take them up on the offer to test drive the same model of car you are shopping to buy. If you do that then you will get shuffled down to a fender lizard who will work you and try to sell you a “lot car”.

 • If they come back with a counter offer then you need to decide on your give and walk price. I would not go over $250 over invoice, but that is your call. Some cars may demand more. I gave $1000 over invoice for my Z06 Corvette.

 • Do not act like a know it all jerk and do not look at your shoes, shuffle and wring your hands when you say invoice. Be sure to say invoice in a voice loud enough to be heard or you will lose the advantage.

 • Look into his/her eyes when making the offer and DO NOT say another word, if you do, he/she wins and you will pay more.

 • When the deal is agreed upon, look them in the eye, reach out, and shake the hand and say, "my word is my bond, I expect the same treatment.”

 • Suggest you practice in mirror or with wife/buddy/gf.

 • Sales people-fender lizards are there to sell inventory not take orders.

 • In order to buy at or near invoice you will need to be dealing with someone who is at the manager level, Fleet mg, Internet sales mgr, or Sales mgr/director.

 • Rare would be the day that a fender lizard can make a sale on the spot. In fact only once have I met a sales guy in the lot that made a deal right there...then he said lets go to my office. On the door is his name and right below it one word...Owner.

 • Bottom line: If you start out at the bottom, you will have a difficult time making a deal and getting to the top and in front of the right person.

 • NEVERTHELESS, if you get in front of the right person, be prepared to cut your deal in 5 min or less. They are busy folks and do not want to spend an hour with someone who cannot decide on whether they want a CD player or an 8 track. You NEED to have done your homework on make, model, and options you want BEFORE you come in. If not, then you might as well chitchat with the fender lizard out in the lot because that is where they will direct you.

 • If you look weak, the watch out for the old, “I have a meeting to go to, let me introduce you to my number one sales person”. This fellow’s goal is to sell you a car from the lot, not take an order.

 • DO NOT under any circumstances say yes the following question they will ask, "if we have something out on the lot that is what you are wanting to order, would you consider buying it?" If you say yes, then you will be turned over to a fender lizard and at that point in time for you, its, "game over man".

 • You are more likely to make a deal at invoice if you do not have a trade in.

 • If at all possible arrange for financing before you walk in the door or just lie and tell them its “an all cash sale, but you will consider their financing if the numbers are to your advantage.”

 • Managers know buyers from shoppers.

 • Sales people are there to convert shoppers-tire kickers into buyers.

 • Bona fide buyers get good deals.

 • Shoppers converted to buyers pay prices anywhere from MSRP to $000s over.

Allocation: Much is said about "allocation" and in "limited" production autos such as the Corvette allocation is the rule of the day. HOWEVER, one can use that to your advantage and I have done so for many years. I have gotten such Corvettes as my Z06 from dealer that did NOT have an allocation for them at all. How did I do it? Simple, by placing BONA FIDE order, signing on the dotted line and offering to put down ANY amount of $ the dealer requests [I have never had to put down any amount over $1500 and other than the Z06 never had the dealer even cash the check].

 To pull this off you must walk in the door and act like, appear like and be a bona fide auto purchaser. The dealer will then contact "zone" and ask for a single allocation for an “ordered” automobile. This is a customer car NOT a dealer car. Been doing it for a long time and never had a dealer tell me they were turned down and I have never paid any more than $1000 over invoice.

 We had a person in our office whose FORD van blew its transmission, but he did not have the money to have it fixed so they sold him a car instead. He paid right at $11k plus his van for a Ford [Escort?], which had a window sticker of about $5700. It was the cheapest Ford they make, stick, no AC, total base unit. They pushed it up with lifetime wax, salt protection, seat cover protection, glass etching and on and on. Not kidding, I saw the paperwork and in fact took him down to the Ford dealer...Cal Worthington Ford Dealers in Tacoma, Washington.

He was holding no face cards in his hand. He had a trade in that was major broke Richard, no money, no other transportation, bad credit and was scared he would really walk out of there…he bought the farm. Do not let it happen to you.

 Good luck, hope this helps and let me know how you do...

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