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Dana 60 Vs Ford 9" Jeep TJ

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D60 Vs Ford 9":  This argument seems to pop-up from time to time, mostly when some guy runs out and spends his hard earned  cash on a 9" and is looking to be convinced he was smarter than him buying a D60.  That said, lets take a look at the 2 axles.

To begin with I am in no way convinced that any camparo between a Ford 9 and a D60 is apples to apples, but lets do our best.

Axles are generally rated in two key areas.  Torque and weight (capacity).  The 9" is not just a good axle but in fact a great axle and I have far more exposure to the 9" than to the D60.  But that is because of my early racing days in the 60's.  The 9" became the mainstay of the 1/4 mile and as far as I know it still does.  But WHY?

Strong R&P which does not suffer from deflection and a lightweight axle assembly.  Throw in some Summers Brothers axle shafts and go race.  [Ever wonder where the Curries got their fame??? it was NOT in the 4x4 business!]

D60 on the other hand is a strong R&P (but the design in the 9" is superior IMO) and is a strong axle assembly, thus and a key drawback is its weight Vs the 9".

Now lets compare the 2 sports, Rock crawling Vs Drag Racing:  Side step the clutch at 7k rpm and nail the go pedal, let the slipper clutches do there thing converting 1500++++HP to go power and send the 1900-3200 lb rig in a hurry. (PLEASE take note of the smoking tires this is important).

Rock crawling:  200-300 HP and torque, feather the clutch at 1200 rpm in 4 low, avoid slipping your tires and crawl that 4-5500 lb rig right up the face of the cliff.

What axle do you want?  9" or D60?  First you will have to truss that 9" like a jock strap for King Kong.  Question:  Can you build a 9" to exceed the strength of the D60?  DUHHHHHH, certainly.  But since we are in a building mode I'll put my built D60 against your built 9" any day, but that is not the point.

Question, where do you find (in OEM form) the Ford 9", the D60?  Notice any difference?  Remember what I said about WEIGHT CAPACITY?  You won't find a 9" sitting under a Ford 450 truck and there is a reason for it.

Question do I use a 9" or D60 in my Jeep?  Me, well I use a D60 and it has to do with the fact that my pig is right around 5500 lbs (+ hauling a loaded trailer at about 1200 lbs), therefore I need a strong axle assembly and a strong R&P.  For me and a LOT of folks the D60 is a good fit.  

That said if you run a buggy or a lightweight Jeep then the 9" is an excellent choice.  But it is NOT an apples to apples camparo...kinda like comparing a Ford 450 truck to a sports car.

I feel that for most DD or trail Jeeps the Dynatrac D60 is the best value going.  If your Jeep runs toward the lightweight side of 3000 lbs then the 9" by Sunray Engineering may be a good fit for you.

1)  Ford 9 and D60 are NOT apples and making a comparison is not easy at best

2)  I am a fan of both and in fact have far more exp with the Ford 9 than the D60

3)  Either one is an excellent choice for most Jeepers depending upon weight of Jeep and desired tire size.

4)  <36 inches or less tires and the Ford 9 is an excellent choice*

5)  >37 inches or larger tires and the D60 may well be your best bet

Weight is a significant factor.  a 42 inch tire on a buggy might do well with the Ford 9 and by the same token a heavy weight Jeep like mine at 5500 lbs the D60 will suit it better.

That said there are a handfull of folks on every forum that only desire to create drama by ginning up ill fabricated arguments and comparisons of D60 and the Ford 9.  Listening to them is at best a waste of your time for their arguments are so flawed as to be embarrassing.  Sadly few are embarrassed which leaves only us to be embarrassed for them.

So skip it all and if you are really interested in the Ford 9 and what it can and will do then go to the source of expertise that has a history of building Ford 9's going back to the early drag racing days.  The folks that IMO know more about the Ford 9 than ANYONE in the business!

*  From the Currie website recommendations on tire sizes for their Ford 9

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