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Lengthen/reinstall Control Arms

To Lengthen Control Arms:

1) Jeep on level surface, now chock the INSIDE of each front and rear wheels

2) Place the transmission in neutral, emergency brake off and clutch depressed then released...this is to RELAX the drive train and take the stress off the arms and let the axles roll outward with the lengthened arms

3) You do not need to jackup axles or lift you jeep in any way, in fact it is easier if you do not

4) Pull any arm and unscrew it about 1/2 in or less and COUNT the number of turns it took to get the new length, reinstall

5) Pull off the opposite arm (you will do both lowers then both uppers or vice versa) and unscrew it the same number of turns, reinstall

6) Now do the next set set (upper or lower)

7) Now drive you rig and see if it handles properly, if not then check alignment, caster, then toe

TIPS: JKS arms are threaded at 18 threads per in (your CA may be different) but most will be close to that at 16/18 per in.

I would remove 1 arm and measure its current length. Then I would unscrew the arm and measure the threads. I would keep at least 1/3 of the length of the threads in the body of the CA.

But before you start pulling arms and lengthening them to the max be alert that you can run into a boat load of problems doing it that way. I would do it not more than 1/2 in at a time per arm.

If you are trying to extend you wheelbase beyond the OEM length be cautious of interference. I would not do more than about 1/3 in at a time then exercise your Jeep to insure there is not any interference. Look here:

Possible Interference points.
Track bars f/r
Corners of fuel tank
Diff covers
Tie rod
Pitman arm
Steering components
Steering box

Spray paint everything black, look for bright spots after a weekend of wheeling.

To Reinstall or 'swap' control arms:

1) Park Jeep on flat surface

2) Chock your OUTER front and rear wheels on both sides

3) 'RELAX' your rig by taking off the emergency brake, depressing your clutch and placing your trans in neutral (this take the stresses off your CA's and allows them to be removed and installed much easier)

4) Remove your CA one at a time and using it along with the special CA length measuring device (NOTE YOU MUST have this tool to accomplish the job) insert the tool into either end of the CA. Then taking the replacement CA lay it alongside the old one and insert the measuring device in the same end. Now Adjust the new CA to the same length as the old CA.

You can either install it at this time or wait till the others have been removed and you have effected this procedure on the rest of the new CA's

5) After the new CA's are installed you will need to check for caster. Often when CA's are replaced Shimmy or Death Wobble or failure of the steering wheel to return to neutral (straight ahead) as you come out of a L/R turn will occur.

If you did not have any issues before you replaced the CA's then most likely the caster is the problem if any of the above pop up.

Read the following and pay close attention to the suggested caster settings for YOUR size of tire. These are starting points ONLY. Remember the 2 things you are looking for are DW/shimmy and or the steering wheel not returning to center after the turn.

Click here for:  Setting caster on your rig

Most likely you will need to 'static' center your steering wheel after the CA install and caster setting.

This is done using the 'drag link' (pitman arm to tie rod connection. You will loosen the drag link and turning it bring the steering wheel back to center. Do this with the engine off and have some help so that while you are under the rig, someone is in the drivers seat telling you when it gets centered.

TIP: Go past the center point by about 15 degrees (eyeball is fine) then come back to center.

Test drive again, recenter if needed then finally set toe (LAST).

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