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Sidewall Tire Repair

Shoe Goo

Mineral sprits

Note hole and gash

Clean abrasion

Fill gash with Goo

Fill with Goo

 Over time the sharp rocks of Arizona and Moab take their toll on my 37x17 MTR’s.  Albeit I have never had a side wall blowout from any crawling I attribute this to maintaining them.  If cut or slash from a rock is left as a open wound it will only grow and get worse as time and miles go by.  Since I run a radial tire the side wall takes a lot of continual flex which will only stress and weaken already damaged areas.

  I have found a product and simple process that puts a “bandaid” on the wound and helps protect from further wear, tear and damage.

  I use one of the “Goo” products called Shoe Goo.  It is made to work with rubber’s and it is also an adhesive and a sealant.

The repair process:

    Assemble the following

    Tube of Shoe Goo, Wal Mart stores about $3.98

    Can of quick drying, no residue cleaning sprits, I use “Odorless Mineral Sprits” from ACE hardware, about $7

    Shop rags, oil free

    Identify on your tires side walls cuts, gouges that are deeper than about 1/8th of an inch

    Clean well with the Mineral Sprits all the damage on all four tires you can find

    Take your tube of Shoe Goo and for very deep or open patches down into the cord apply a light coating, let dry and apply another light coating if needed.  NOTE the goal is NOT to fill the cuts or gouges, but rather to just seal and protect.

    HINT:  On cuts place the opening of the Shoe Good tube tube flat against the tire and centered over the cut.  Gently squeeze and pull the tube along the cut itself.

    The Shoe Goo is a fairly slow dry so do this on a dry day in the sun to speed up the process.

Another product that provides excellent results is 3M Weatherstripping Cement.  Follow the same directions, I use both of them.  Someday I will try RTV and let you know how it works.

Cost:  About $15 or so depending on size of can of Mineral Sprits


  About 10-30 min depending on how many repairs you need to make.  I did the below in about 15 min.


  At worst it does not do much, however at best it can fix a slow leak or prevent further side wall damage.


  This is NOT intended to repair side walls that are damaged to the point the tire will not hold air.  This is intended to repair slow leaks or seepage's and hopefully prevent future damage.  If you can see into your tire its not likely this method is gonna help.

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