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Tips on Changing Transfer Case & Transmission Oils

Shifter with console removed

Shifter and rubber covers removed

B&M short throw shifter

Clean off bottom of shifter tower

Bottom of shifter with red silcone applied to create gasket

Pour oil in here, note the insulation I added under the tunnel

Complete shifter cover removed to facilitate shifter install

Entire unit ready to install (slide) over the shifter

Transmission filled and finshed

Note floorboard drain hole behind drivers seat

Thread plastic tubing thru the door latch, which holds funnel

You helper is holding the tubing in as it fills the TC or trans

Changing the oil in your standard transmission and transfer case is almost always a hassle, with trying to get fresh oil back into the unit. There are a couple of tricks you can use to accomplish this and I am going to show you how I do it.

You should change oil more than some of you change your underwear and just like taking off your pants to change your drawers here are a couple of tips to make changes a bit easier:

1) Transmission oil (NV 3550): 

Pull the drain plug and while the oil is draining pull the console, which is about 5 screws or so, and don't forget the ones in the rear cup holder. While you have got your console off you just might want to do this (I promise you will be glad you did):  click here for Cooler Console and floorboards.

While you are letting the insulating foam setup on the underside of your console get a 8mm socket and pull the bolts that hold down the transmission access cover.  Be sure to chock your wheels and put your transmission in neutral. Then pull the 4 bolts that hold the shifter tower to the transmission.  Clean it and set it aside.

Reinstall your transmission drain plug, NOW add your 2 quarts of transmission fluid from the top...sooooooo much easier than trying to get the juice into the fill plughole. BUT if you do not want to go thru this procedure, then follow the instructions below for the transfer case.

2) Transfer case (New Venture Gear Rock-Trac™ 241 OR):

Following these directions, you will need a helper. Failure to have a helper will allow the fill hose to slip out and dump oil on your nice white driveway…ask me how I know!

Pull the drain plug and then pull your fill plug.  While this is draining get your act together by having a funnel and a 1/2 in diameter 2-foot long clear plastic hose attached. 

After its drained and stopped dripping, install the drain plug.  Fold/slide the front DRIVERS seat forward as far as it will go.  Pull the rubber tub drain plug directly behind the driver’s front seat.  Take your funnel with attached hose and feed the hose thru the drain hole while 'step 'n fetch it' is underneath inserting the fill hose into the FILL hole or vice-versa. 

Fill the transfer case with your favorite brand of ATF-4 until it begins to come out of the fill hole, insert the fill plug and tell 'step 'n fetch it' to wipe the red stuff off their face.

You can also follow this same procedure with the transmission. But since I drain and fill my transmission and transfer case at the same time and I like to inspect the transmission and put a new silcone seal on I prefer to pull the shifter.

Capacities:  The transfer case and transmission both take about 2 liters of fluid.  The TC takes ATF-4 and the Trans takes Manual Trans oil that is basically motor oil.  The MOPAR oils are expensive and there are other options besides those products.

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