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M101 Military Jeep Trailer build:  1

 Primer/Hammered Black

Prepped for paint

Painted outside LINEX'd inside

New shackles Vs old 2 piece

New shackles install

Shackles installed-painted

Shock painted-installed

35 MTR Vs MIL-SPEC 6:50x16

NOTE:  I trimmed the front bottom flat on the fender  above

35x15 MTR's for wider stance

NOTE:  I trimmed the rear bottom flat on the fender above

Alum tread plate installed

Attached to bottom of frame

Good shelf for small items

I purchased a Canadian Military M101 1/4 T trailer albeit the condition was excellent it still needed some upgrades and a few replacement parts from sitting up for many years in Canada.  Note: The Canadian M101 is based upon the US military M416 1/4 T trailer and in fact is a better built trailer.

Canadian OEM M-101 Military Specifications:

I Drum conversion:

The trailer uses a 5 on 112mm bolt pattern, which I changed to 5 x 5.5 to match my Jeep. 

1) Put on trailer Brake and jack up one side of trailer

2) Remove wheel

3) Remove center cap cover

4) Remove Cotter pin

5) Remove castle nut by unscrewing

6) Remove drum [drum will come off easier if you release the trailer brake] it should slide off

7) Install new wheel bearing kit and reverse the procedure

8) Tighten the castle nut until the drum will not turn easily or at all. Loosen until it will spin freely, install cotter pin.

9) Recommend a wheel bearing kit, 1 3/8" X 1 1/16" .

Time: About 30 min per wheel

Tools: Simple hand tools, jack stand, Channel-Locks, Lug Wrench

 Parts Availability:

Auto Safety House

Phoenix, Tucson, Holbrook, Las Vegas NV

2630 W. Buckeye Rd. Phoenix, AZ 85009

Auto Safety House drum part numbers:

  • For 5 on 4.5” part # 008-247-05
  • For 5 on 5.0” part # 008-248-05
  • For 5 on 5.5” part # 008-249-05

NOTE:  Trailer brakes still work with these drums w/o mods.

Auto Safety House has all the parts needed to upgrade axles.

 II Shocks:

Rancho RS5119 is a perfect fit. See Cole at 4 Wheel Supply .

Shock install:

1) Put on trailer brake, no need to jack up.

2) Remove upper 3/4 inch  nut on shock pin

3) Remove lower shock mount cotter pin

4) Remove shock, use some WD 40 to loosen it up

5) Install new shocks reverse procedure

 Time: <10 min per shock

 Tools:  Very simple hand tools:  3/4 inch socket or adjustable wrench, needle nose pliers

 Note: If installing large tires such as 35x12:50, you will need to trim off the lower flat vertical section front and rear on the fender. Its about 3-4 inches wide and trims easily with a Sawsall, hacksaw etc.

III Paint/Line-X:  

It had some minor rust and I used a wire brush to get most of it off.  I also used a high pressure water spray to knock off the crud underneath and peel off loose paint.  I then shot it with Rust Oleum red primer Professional Grade.

 Painting:  I picked up 10 cans of Hammered Black by Rust Oleum and used 6 in painting it.  This did not include the inside of the tub as I am going to Line X it.

 Tub:  Got it Line X’d to match the tub of the Jeep.  Its expensive, in fact way too expensive but worth it.

 Time:  <2 hours to prep included painting and removing or covering items not to be painted.

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