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M101 Military Jeep Trailer build:  3

OEM short leg

Aluminum AntiRock arms

Extend installed on the leg

Leg folded up and out of the way

Leg down on trailer

Old style Jeep rear bumper

Using the bumper as your guide, outline/drill 4 bolt holes

2 bumpers installed

Ideal for a step up

VIII  Pulling your trailer:

2 attachment methods.

1)  Pintle/Lunette:

The Pintle/Lunette was designed for off road use.  It allows the trailer to laterally rotate independently as you travel off road far more than a ball unit.  It adds to the safety and keeps the pulling vehicle from being twisted.

The Pintle is also available in a combo, pintle/ball unit. It does have a drawback.  It is kinda cool looking and as a result I know several guys who have had them stolen off their rigs.

2)  Ball:  

  Some folks talk of converting the Lunette to a regular ball trailer hitch mount.  Good idea?  NOT IMO!  During off road use a typical ball mount may twist and rip off, break the ball or possibly cause the pulling rig to also flip in typical off road situations.  If you don’t plan on using your trailer off road then its not an issue.

VIIII  Lunette maintenance and adjustments:

Remove your lunette.The large nut on the end of the lunette is a castle nut and SHOULD have a cotter pin.

1)Remove cotter pin

2)Using a large open end unscrew the castle nut

3)Remove the washer, spring and washer

4)Pull the lunette

5)Clean all of the above of old grease, dirt and rust

6)Clean the lunette support hole of old grease and rust

7)Give a good coating of chassis grease to the lunette

8)Insert lunette and reassemble washers and spring.

9)Tighten castle nut down until it touches the washer/spring assembly.Continue to tighten until the spring has compressed about 1/2 +/- of the spring gaps (this insures a good seat of the lunette).Now back off the castle nut until it breaks contact with the spring assembly.Now tighten the castle nut until it firmly meets the spring face and add a 1/4 turn until the opening for the cotter pin is visible.Insert cotter pin.

10)Using your grease gun, grease the zerk fitting on top of the lunette assembly

11)TEST:Using your hands, you should be able to turn the lunette ring completely around.It should be firm, not lose but turnable by hand.If you cannot turn it by hand check your castle nut tightness.Did you grease the lunette well prior to installing it.Adjust till you can turn the lunette, but NOT lose.

12)After turning in BOTH directions several rotations, see if the unit will take any more grease.Wipe off excess and do this on an annual basis or after exposure to salt water spray.

X  Delta Box & Coleman Battery Charger Install:

I ordered a Delta Pro Box from Delta Industries for the front 'A' frame of the trailer.  I will keep a deep cycle battery in there along with other items.  I got the unit from Delta on e bay and saved about $60 bucks.  The Delta box is polished alum treadplate, 33 inches wide at the back and comes to almost the top edge of the trailer. click here for Delta Box

In addition I picked up a Coleman CL 300 solar battery trickle charger, 1.5 Amp/Hr that I mounted on top of the Delta box.  This will keep my battery charged durning times that it sets up between travels.


1)  Set the Delta box on the M101 'A' frame where you choose and then center it.  The M101 has grab handles that are mounted to each side on the front of the tub and connected to the A frame.  I used the bolts that held the front of the grab handles on as mounting bolts.  The bolts screw into fixed nuts on the inside of the A frame.  Center to center is 15 3/8th inches on my trailer, yours might be different.

You will need to use a spacer in the front of the Delta box in order to level it with the grab handle supports and to lift it off the shock spring that is on the back of the lunette.

2)  The Coleman battery trickle charger is simple as it already has the mounting screw holes in the plastic frame, but the unit does not come with screws.  I used a 4 stainless steel screws to mount it on top of the Delta box.

Time:  About 1 hr to install the Delta box and the Coleman battery charger.

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