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M101 Military Jeep Trailer build:  2

Rancho bump stops

Rancho Vs OEM

Measure top to bottom

Measure top of axle to bumpstop

OEM bump stops

Bump Stop Installed


Leveled and loaded

Center and test fit Delta Box

I used 3 attachment bolts on each side of the 'A' frame

Note the notched box/lid for flush mount which I did not do

Coleman battery charger 1.5 Amp/Hr

Installed on lid

Charging connection ran thru the back of the box

IV Rear spring shackles install:

The trailer wasn’t sitting quite as level as I wanted and fender to tire clearance was just a tad tight after I put on the 35 MTRs.  My solution was to purchase a set of spring shackles and install them on the rear of the springs.

I called up Cole at 4 Wheelers Supply & Off Road 800-606-6421 and gave him the dimensions of my spring and the amount of lift I wanted.  Cole did some research and got back to me with a set that was close, but would have to be fabbed out to fit.  The spring eyes take a 5/8 in diameter bolt and the new shackles had to be cut in half, a slice removed and welded back together again.  The holes then needed to be drilled out to the required 5/8 in.  Cole had them fabbed up overnight and I ran by the next day to pick them up.  They did a fantastic job, many thanks to Cole and 4 Wheelers.


  • 24mm amd 15/16ths sockets for the nut/bolt heads
  • Wrangler screw jack to spread the leaf pack downward
  • Jack to lift the tub up
  • Wheel chocks to hold the trailer in place while you work

Install:  See pics.  5 1/2 inch lift CJ shackles.

Time:  About 15 min per side.

V “A” frame Aluminum plate install:

I wanted to a shelf in the “A” frame to hold a tool or whatever.  I picked up a 1/4 in thick aluminum tread-plate at a scrap-yard and cut it to the size I wanted to fit under the “A” frame.  I used a metal cutting carbide tipped blade in my Skillsaw.  Its loud, messy throws hot aluminum all over the place.  (wear safety goggles if you do this)


  • Skillsaw w/metal cutting carbide tipped blade
  • Drill with metal bit to drill thru aluminum and “A” frame for bolts to hold it on.

Install:  See pic

Time:  About 1 hr

VI Bump stop install:

After getting tires in-place I had about 3.75 in between the top of the 35” MTR and the bottom lip of the fender.  I did some measuring and calculated I needed a 4 in bump stop to insure that a heavy load/hard bump didn’t damage the fender.


Again I turned to my good friends down at 4 Wheelers to supply me with a bump stop.  I stop by to look at their selection and my most important criteria was it be 4 “ tall.  I grabbed a set of Rancho Bump Stops, PN: RAN8203 and took them home.


I slide under the trailer to see how they might fit.  I could have been knocked over with a feather when I discovered they were a direct and perfect fit as if made for a M101 trailer...where the Jeep/fabrication gods smiling on me or not?


Install:  Grab a wrench/socket and undo the two nut/bolts that hold on the OEM and remove, reverse the step using the Rancho’s.

Tools:  1/2 in wrench and socket

Time:  About 10 min total

VII "TIP" Raising trailer to height of Jeep:  Lifting the trailer to match the level of your Jeep can be a daunting task.  However if you take a step-by-step approach you can do so without much effort.

  • Tires/wheels: Outfit the trailer with tires.  But before you do give some consideration to what tires and wheels

    • Plan on using a common trailer/Jeep tire and wheel
    • Match up the bolt pattern first
    • Use a tire that will work for both [I have 37 MTRs on my Jeep but put 35 MTRs on the trailer. Goal, to get off the trail or down the highway far enough to get my bad tire fixed or replaced]
  • Spring shackles: Now hook up and see how much you need to adjust to get level [I still needed to come up some so I added spring shackles instead of doing a spring-over, you can calculate the shackle length and go from there]
  • Lunette attachment: Hook up again and see where the trailer and Jeep are. At this point it may just be a inch or so. Remember that the military (US M416/Can M101) have adjustable lunette attachments that can raise or lower the lunette about 2 inches.


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